Superpower your community activities with Enrolmy’s booking and management platform.

Simplify your community’s children’s activity management with Enrolmy’s tailored HAF booking solution. Bid farewell to complexity and welcome a system that gives you more time to do what really matters.

Effortless Children's Activity management with Enrolmy

Your partner for seamless community children's activities

Enrolmy recognises the unique needs of children’s activities. Connect with more local childcare activity providers to ensure your HAF funding is engaging more children and letting them experience truly memorable adventures.


Save on admin time

Let Enrolmy handle the administrative tasks. Let us swiftly onboard all of your community providers, prepare and support them ready to take bookings and free up their time to focus on what truly matters


Enhance your community engagement

Our efficient system means less time worrying about admin and allows more time for your providers to engage with the families who really need them.


Boost activity numbers

Enrolmy allows clear and transparent DfE reporting  giving your providers more time to connect with hard to reach families. More connections means more bookings!


Effortless management

Intuitive booking platform

Enrolmy makes booking easy with an intuitive experience that lets parents find and book activities that your providers run. Plus, they will have their own page in Enrolmy that tells the world what they offer.

With our seamless website integration, what you offer can be displayed on your own website as well, making it easy for parents find your awesome activities.

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Effective & Fast

Seamless HAF tracking

Enrolmy assists you with HAF tracking, payments and invoicing, making it easy to reconcile your accounts.

Our world-leading integrations create a unified accounting experience, helping you keep track of your finances with attendance visibility..

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Super-powered reports

Generate activity reports

Enrolmy operates with children's activities in mind, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to operate HAF effectively.

With Enrolmy, you can create meaningful reports. Allow your providers to view attendance by specific criteria such as SEND needs, free school meal attendees and age, providing both you and them with insightful data about capacity, bookings and attendance.

Make your reporting easier, faster and more relevant with Enrolmy.

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Hear From

Footy Kids

Easy to use, for both users and customers, and ultimately saves us a lot of time on administration! Staff are always available and keen to help whenever asked for. I would advise any business, small or large to use if they have multiple sign ups!

Tom from Footy Kids

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EMY Support

We know Children's Activities, and are with you every step of the way. Our experienced team are ready to help you get started today.

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Enrolmy for Children's Activities

Enrolmy has been developed with children's activities in mind. Connect with our team to see how your childcare management can be enhanced.


Local Authorities

Use Enrolmy's childcare system to streamline administrative tasks and make it easy for children's activities businesses to use your funding.


Small businesses

Providers with a handful of settings love Enrolmy for its powerful features and easy to use HAF management.


Large multi-site operations

Enrolmy turns time-consuming, laborious administration into a few clicks. Take your business to the next level with Enrolmy.

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Proactive Reporting





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