Enrolmy and ProActive Reporting

Get reports on incidents, hazards and provide safe management with Enrolmy and ProActive Reporting.

Enrolmy and ProActive Reporting

Combine Enrolmy and ProActive Reporting to create a winning formula for your business.



Enrolmy is the all-in-one booking management solution for children's activity providers.


Proactive Reporting

ProActive Reporting is designed to improve and streamline health and safety reports, making it easier to effectively maintain a safer activity environment.

About ProActive Reporting

  • Make health and safety easy

    With ProActive Reporting integration, you have access to a central dashboard, giving you insight into procedures and an overview of risk management.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    With multiple report types ProActive Reporting allows you to cover all your bases, creating a safe environment for your childcare business.

  • Efficient communication

    Alongside Enrolmy, ProActive Reporting can notify staff of reports that need critical action. This improves response times and ensures the safety of children in your care.

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Making your organisation safer with Enrolmy and ProActive Reporting

Like Enrolmy, ProActive Reporting are committed to ensuring administrative tasks are effortless while still being effective.

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Easy to use

With their easy to use platforms, Enrolmy and ProActive Reporting will both make it easy to complete the important tasks.

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Efficient programme management

ProActive Reporting's effective risk management, and Enrolmy's world-class booking management will mitigate risk, streamline decision-making, and facilitate more informed decisions.

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Enhanced customer experience

Combined, Enrolmy and ProActive Reporting will improve customer experience by allowing users to access of intuitive systems and easy communication tool.

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