Super-powering the UK’s greatest children’s activity providers

Super-powering the UK’s greatest children’s activity providers

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Enrolmy is an all-in-one booking management solution for children's activity providers. Join our growing community of multi site operators, wrap around care providers, councils, and independent clubs and camps.

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Camp Glide




Footy Kids


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    Make booking a breeze

    Cover all your bases with Enrolmy's flexible system. Create tailored enrolment and registration options for a wide range of activities; Wrap Around Care, Holiday Camps, Sports sessions, Lessons, Classes and Team Sports. Your offerings, your way.

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    Simplify and automate your financial and compliance tasks

    Experience the ease of automation and let Enrolmy simplify your operations. From Integrated Staff Management to automated voucher reconciliation, make your life less manual and more focused on what truly matters.

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    Save up to 95% of your voucher admin time

    Enrolmy's automation does the hard work for you. Find out how time consuming voucher admin can become just a few clicks.

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Stronger connections

Thrive together with community-led growth

Enrolmy brings businesses closer through virtual and in person interactions like our regional Lunch and Learn events. It’s about more than networking, it's about shared learning and support.


Complete solutions

Superpower operations with powerful tools

Experience the future of your operations with Enrolmy's suite of online tools. From mobile apps, kiosks, customisable forms, to voucher processing. Enrolmy will streamline your business and provide you with the tools you need for efficient, secure, and organised operations.


Built in automation

Elevate your business with Enrolmy

Experience the power of Enrolmy's Booking Management Tool, where user-friendliness meets flexibility, and every aspect of activity management becomes effortless. Say goodbye to manual hassles and hello to streamlined operations.


Hear From

Camp Glide

We discovered that Enrolmy was more of a one-stop shop for many functions of our business – linking with Xero for accounts, HR module, Bookings and payments, communications, website and more.

Andy from Camp Glide


Hear From

Footy Kids

Easy to use, for both users and customers, and ultimately saves us a lot of time on administration! Staff are always available and keen to help whenever asked for. I would advise any business, small or large to use if they have multiple sign ups!

Tom from Footy Kids


Enrolmy’s top-notch booking and management sofware streamlines tasks of all sizes

Voucher management

Enrolmy’s powerful voucher reconciliation process is already saving up to 95% of the voucher administration time for users. The game-changing process takes a frustrating task and turns it into a few clicks.

Parent communications

Enrolmy manages parent communication with the ability to bulk email, SMS, apply tailored filters and facilitates acceptance of mandatory T’s and C’s during online booking.

Online payments

With Enrolmy's automated payment system, parents can securely pay for their children’s activities instantly, ensuring you have payment confirmation before the activity even begins.

Mobile app and kiosk

Empower parents to effortlessly sign their child in and out of your programme using our on site kiosk app - with the added security of approved signature or unique pick up pin. This automatically synchronises with the online attendance reconciliation forms, providing precise, time-stamped data for generating dependable reports.

Integrated staff scheduling

Enjoy peace of mind with a single view of staff across all settings and programmes. Ensure ratios are met and staff changes managed easily. Track staff attendance and export for your payroll system.

Admin management

Free up valuable time in your week by minimising administrative tasks with Enrolmy. Equip yourself with the tools you need, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.


Connected with the UK's leading digital risk management solution

Seamlessly integrate and instantly manage your risk:

  • Incident Reports
  • Hazard Reports
  • Pre-session Checks
  • Risk Management Dashboard
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