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Finance and Accounting

Credit card payments

Get paid faster by opting to receive credit card payments. Parents can pay when they book, so no need to chase after these payments any longer!

Complete accounting solution

The answer to managing your accounts in one place. Create invoices, reconcile payments, handle refunds, and filter by who has and who hasn't paid. Export information as PDF documents or to CSV.

Send multiple invoices or statements

Generate invoices for hundreds of attendees in a matter of clicks. Send invoices or statements by email to all your parents in one go.

Customsied and detailed invoices

Our invoices are crystal clear and highly detailed. They even include a booking calendar so it is clear what sessions have been booked an when.

Child-centric and parent friendly

Know the child but not the parent? Invoices go to parents but you can search for invoices using the child's name. When you need to create an invoice, all you have to do is select the child and the parent will be invoiced.

Full sync with Xero

Enrolmy integrates fully with Xero's accounting software to make your organisation's finance management even smoother. Fees, subscriptions and other transactions map seamlessly to your existing account and tracking codes.

Manage booking changes smoothly

If a booking changes, but the parent has already been invoiced, our "pending adjustments" system make it easy to track the changes. With one click, you can create an invoice (or credit note) with details of the booking change.

Apply discounts

Customise and create discounts, such as Earlybird discounts. Create family or child specific discounts to reward loyal customers.


Bulk email communication

Send a bulk email by group such as all parents, all staff, or all primary contacts.

Customisable email templates

Create your own email templates for ad-hoc and personalised communication. If you send a newsletter to your parents, you can use Enrolmy to create, store and send your newsletters, with all email addresses kept in one place.

Keep track of communication

It is easy to see what emails have been sent, who has been contacted, and even see if the receiver has opened the email. Every email can be sent from the app and is stored in one place meaning that keeping a paper trail of communication with parents is easier than ever.

Enrolment and Registrations

Instant enrolment forms

Enrolment forms can be created in less than 60 seconds. The most commonly asked questions are built in as standard, and include phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts, and important health questions.

Fully customisable forms

You have full control over the questions that are asked. Tailor your enrolment form to suit your programmes and the level of information you require. You can create your own custom questions and select which questions are compulsory for parents to answer, and which ones are optional.

Easy to enrol

The enrolment form is designed to be as easy as possible for parents to complete, with only one section of the form required to be completed at a time. Changes can be saved so that it doesn't have to be done in one sitting. For parents that like to take their time, email reminders are sent to parents until the form is complete.

Take Bookings

Activity categories

Choose from a wide range of booking categories that include lessons, classes, camps, holiday programmes, before and after school care programmes, team sports, club subscriptions, one day events, and free events.

Flexible Bookings System

Flexibile configuration options allow you to manage bookings in a way that suits you. This includes setting a maximum number of attendees per session for each activity, setting close of booking times for each session, and controlling when parents are able to modify their bookings.

Waiting Lists

If sessions are booked out, you have the option to let parents add their children to a waiting list. You can quickly see who is waiting for each day and instantly move them to a booking when a space becomes available.

OSCAR Activities

Manage subsidies

Enrolmy can calculate the amount of each child's expected OSCAR subsidy. Simply input the OSCAR rate and hours for each child (including custom rates) and the system will calculate the expected subsidy. Compare booked hours versus attended hours easily.

Ministry of Social Development (MSD) Compliant Enrolment Forms

All the critical information that you are required to collect for the MSD comes as standard on our customisable enrolment forms. Parents are asked to fill in their contact details, emergency contacts, authorized and unauthorised pick-ups, and answer medical and family doctor questions.

Tools To Manage Activities

Kiosk style tablet app

Parents can sign their children in and out of each session by using our simple kiosk style tablet app.

On-site mobile app

Our on-site mobile app gives you all the critical information you need to keep the kids under your care safe at all times.

Printed Attendance and Information Sheets

Having important information about your attendees on site is critical to the success of your programmes. Enrolmy make it really easy to print out vital emergency contact and health information for all your attendees, as well as daily attendance sheets for tracking attendance.

Attendance Reconciliation

Conveniently reconcile attendance at the end of each day or week. Mark children as absent, modify their attended session, and charge late fees. If you're using our sign in tablet app then see the exact sign in and sign out times for each child as you reconcile.

Boost Your Online Presence

Attractive mini-site

Every Enrolmy customer gets their own beautiful "mini-site" with a custom URL. This lets parents find and book your activities with ease. Great for businesses of any size. Choose to list your activities on our searchable directory to entice new customers, or choose to keep your "mini-site" hidden and accessible to existing customers only.

Integrate with your own website

Maintain your existing online presence by embedding Enrolmy activity listings on your own website with our drop-in widget.

Streamlined booking process

Enrolmy's booking system is built your customers in mind, and we know that they want a quick and simple process. Parents don't need to scroll through lots of information before they get to the booking page, so it is straightforward for them to book their children into activities and for you to get paid faster.

Parent Portal

Parents can create and modify their own bookings, saving you time and hassle. You'll receive clear communications about each booking change.

Sports Co-ordinator Tools

Team Manager

We've developed a team sorter especially for school sports co-ordinators. Once children are registered they can be sorted easily into teams. See which parents have volunteered to help and assign them roles. Ask questions at the time of bookings such as year level, class room, and skill level. Invoices can be generated at sign-up time or later once kids are assigned to teams.

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Pre-registration for team sports

If you don't know numbers or take-up, you can create activities where you require registration of interest first. Then when you know you have enough numbers to make up a team or teams, create all invoices in one click and email all players.

Learn more about Enrolmy For Schools

Help and Support

Help Documentation

Our online help centre contains step by step instructions to guide you through every process.

Online messaging support

Access support during working hours from a real person based locally via Intercom, an online messaging service.

Quick response to general enquiries

Send us a general enquiry through the online contact form and we'll typically respond within 24 hours. Or give us a call. We can help you with a variety of topics and make the set-up process as smooth as possible.

Safe and Secure

Cloud based

Enrolmy utilises the power and reliability of the cloud to store your data securely and ensure it is always available wherever and whenever you need it.