About ZigZag Theatre

ZigZag Theatre is a Gold Coast Youth Theatre Company providing weekly drama classes and workshops to young people aged 5 - 18 years old in a range of convenient locations on the Coast.


We believe in the power of drama. Not only can it increase self-confidence immeasurably, it enhances verbal and non-verbal communication, builds empathy and fuels the imagination. In an effort to make it more accessible to Gold Coast young people, ZigZag Theatre was born.

Working with the vision of empowering young people, we have created a space in which they can truly find their voices and use them, not only in their dramatic work but in all aspects of life, too.

We provide opportunities for performance within the Gold Coast community, along with pathways into professional work, for those keen on taking their interest further.

Beyond this, ZigZag offers a ‘home away from home’ where students form strong connections within their ensembles, exploring and expanding upon fundamental performance skills in a safe, supportive environment.

At ZigZag Theatre, we are curious. We push the boundaries of what theatre can be, challenging conventions and stepping into the unknown. And we support our students to trust their abilities and take those brave creative risks that really are transformative.


We welcome anyone aged between 3 and 18 years to join us and connect through theatre. ZigZag students create strong bonds, which foster trust and confidence within our friendly and inclusive space. This allows everyone to be true to themselves, which in turn assists with creative expression. We are always growing our connections with the Gold Coast artistic community. We offer opportunities for young people to perform in public spaces and events and run customised workshops in schools and for charity organisations.

Underpinned by fundamental performance skills, our drama classes and workshops are tailored to suit the strengths and requirements of each unique ensemble.
We place much emphasis on the transferable life skills we know young people obtain from drama: increased confidence, self-esteem, compassion, empathy, language and communication skills, to name a few.

Our curious, collaborative approach to creating and teaching drama encourages each young person to feel comfortable trusting their ideas and abilities and ultimately taking creative risks. Our students are free to explore and express their thoughts, feelings and opinions – all of this inspiring the theatre we make. From this comes a greater understanding of the self and the world around us, not to mention innovative theatre with student voices at its heart, pushing artistic boundaries and provoking and enlightening audiences.

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Weekly Classes

Weekly classes in Acting and Drama, Musical Theatre and Speech and Drama in various locations on the Coast.

Holiday Programs

Develop fundamental performance skills in a safe, supportive environment – all while having heaps of FUN!

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