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  Wild Things Art

April Holiday Art Workshops

Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

Tue, 11 Apr 2023 to Fri, 21 Apr 2023

10:00am - 2:30pm

Age 5 to 16

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Wild Things Art Studio | 548 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

From $65.00 to $70.00 per session

Run by Wild Things Art

Laundry Day in Italy $65
Tuesday 11 April 2023 with Jemma Nissen
We will be painting a scene inspired by the streets of Italy hung with colourful laundry. We will look at how art can be a way to find enchantment in the everyday. Students will learn to construct perspective and to build a painting with layers while telling a story.

Pet Portraits $65
Wednesday 12 April 2023 with Jemma Nissen
Inspired by the incredible Louise Bourgeois and her quirky doodles we will be painting portraits of imaginary pets using drawing, watercolour and ink to create a memorable pet portrait

Creativity Workshop $70
Thursday 13 April 2023 with Jemma Nissen (10-16 yrs)
A new workshop specially developed for older students. Taking inspiration from creative greats like Brian Eno and Miranda July this class will be a series of challenges that prompt lateral thinking, creative play and personal expression.

Lost Island Maps $65
Friday 14 April 2023 with Jemma Nissen
A class of imagination and adventure. We'll be making maps for lost islands in the Pacific Ocean. Students will learn about keys and scale and compass coordinates for constructing their mythical maps.

Shadow Puppets $65
Monday 17th April 2023 with Jemma Nissen
Construct a moving cardboard shadow puppet using techniques adapted from the Javanese shadow puppet tradition. Students will be experimenting with light and shadow to create a fantastical scene with their classmates.

Cubism and Colour $65
Tuesday 18th April 2023 with Jemma Nissen
Inspired by the art of NZ artist Saskia Leek we will be looking at the techniques of cubism and how they can help us paint shadows in the landscape.

Clay Masks $70
Wednesday 19th April 2023 with Jemma Nissen
Make a wall hanging mask from air dry clay inspired by the colourful faces of Karolina Romanowska.
We will look at the history of mask making and how different cultures use mask in cultural ritual the world over.

Nature printing $70
Thursday 20 April 2023 with Helen Ollivier
A day of printing with nature using a range of techniques. We'll be doing cyanotype painting on fabric and paper and also printing in puddles. This will be a playful day of experimentation where students will be learning be to make art through trial and error.

Drawing skills $70
Friday 21 April 2023 with Jemma Nissen (10-16 yrs)
Want to develop your drawing skills? In this fun workshop we will be looking at techniques to improve your observation skills, hand-eye connection, compostion and shading techniques with the main aim being a love for picking up a pencil and having a go.

Wild Things Art Studio | 548 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

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  • lunch and snack
  • wear un precious clothes
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