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  Wild Things Art

Summer Art Workshops

Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 to Fri, 31 Jan 2020

10:00am - 2:30pm

Age 5 to 13

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Wild Things Art Studio | 548 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

From $52.00 to $62.00 per session

Run by Wild Things Art

Torn Paper Landscape $52
Monday 20 January 2020 with Micaela van den Berg

Inspired by the paintings of Canadian artist Ted Harisson, create a colourful landscape using torn paper layering. Working on board, students will be exploring colour and distance as well as interesting cloud formations.

One Day a Taniwha... $52
Tuesday 21 January 2020 with Micaela van den Berg

Taniwha are water spirits of Maori legend. They are often regarded as guardians of a particular stretch of water, but some are evil monsters. What will your taniwha be like? Create your own taniwha using pastel and dye techniques on paper to tell your story.

Fantastic Fish $62
Wednesday 22 January 2020 with Helen Ollivier
Have fun designing and sculpting a fantastic fish using hand-building techniques with air-dry clay. Students will be exploring shape, texture and pattern and using some great paint layering techniques to complete their creations.
Dragon Eyes $52
Thursday 23 January 2020 with Helen Ollivier
Someone is watching...! Create your own amazing dragon eye in this fun drawing workshop. We will be exploring techniques for blending, shading, drawing reflections and scales using drawing and painting media on paper.
Colour Pop $52
Friday 24 January 2020 with Helen Ollivier
Make your painting POP with abstract pattern, layering and bold colour. We will be looking at a variety of abstract artists including Yayoi Kusama,famous for her polka-dot paintings, for inspiration. Students will be working with acrylic paint on canvas.
Dream Weaver $52
Tuesday 28 January 2020 with Micaela van den Berg
Make a hanging God's eye dream catcher using weaving techniques with wool. Learn about the significance of dream catchers to the American Indian people. Decorate your unique creation with a variety feathers, shells, ribbons and other found objects.
Monster Pots $62
Wednesday 29 January 2020 with Micaela van den Berg
Make a crazy monster pot with a plant for hair! Students will be using a selection of black, white and terracotta clays and learning basic hand building techniques to create their own character. Clay firing and succulent plant is included.
Summer Trees $52
Thursday 30 January 2020 with Helen Ollivier
Inspired by French artist Claude Monet explore impressionist painting techniques using acrylic on canvas. We will be looking in particular at movement and light and learning tricks for painting trees.
Assemblage Castles $52
Friday 31 January 2020 with Helen Ollivier
Make a unique castle using cutouts from magazines. A stairwell from here, a window from there and a magnificent doorway from over there! Learn about castle structure and shapes and have fun in fantasy land.

Wild Things Art Studio | 548 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

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  • Lunch and a drink
  • Art shirt or apron
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