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  Wild Things Art

July Holiday Art Workshops

Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

Mon, 8 Jul 2019 to Fri, 19 Jul 2019

10:00am - 2:30pm

Age 5 to 13

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Wild Things Art Studio | 548 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

From $52.00 to $62.00 per session

Run by Wild Things Art

Wild Things has two full weeks of quality, inspirational art workshops in the July school holidays. There is a different workshop to choose from each day lead by wonderful, experienced and passionate teachers.

Matariki Nightscape $52
Monday 8 July 2019 with Helen Ollivier
Paint a vibrant, magical sky and stars for Matariki inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night. Create your own version using fantasy or local landscape features. Learn about colour mixing and experiment with a variety of brush techniques with acrylic paint.

Alebrijes $62
Tuesday 9 July 2019 with Micaela van den Berg
This clay workshop is inspired by Alebrijes, the brightly coloured folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures from Mexico. We will be learning about the origin and story of Alebrijes and students will be sculpting their own animal using air-dry clay and decorating their creations with paint.

Fishy, Fishy $52
Wednesday 10 July 2019 with Micaela van Berg
Create a fabulous, fun, fish collage using painted paper inspired by Eric Carle. Students will be experimenting with a variety of painting methods to create their painted paper and cutting and constructing a unique fish artwork to take home with them.

Kandinsky Cities $52
Thursday 11 July 2019 with Micaela van den Berg
Create a fabulous fantasy city using fun line drawing techniques, then experiment with oil pastel to make an explosion of colour inspired by Kandinsky's circle paintings. Students will be exploring colour blending and learning how to create light and shadow and 3D effects using line.

Bird and Bush Collage $52
Friday 12 July with Helen Ollivier
Looking at the simple, stylized work of New Zealand artist Jane Galloway, students will be exploring shape, colour and pattern to create their own bird and bush collage. We will be doing lots of cutting and gluing and working with a variety of drawing media as well as paint and paper.

SgraffitoTrees $62
Monday 15 July 2019 with Micaela van den Berg
Design and make your own set of clay tiles in this sgraffito workshop. Students will develop their own tree design exploring contour line and composition and use scratching techniques to draw on to the tiles. The tiles will be glazed and sent off to be fired.

Aboriginal Animals $52
Tuesday 16 July 2019 with Micaela van den Berg
Learn all about traditional and modern aboriginal storytelling and painting techniques. Develop your own designs and patterns based on your favourite animal. Students will be working with acrylic paint on board.

My Letter Prints $58
Wednesday 17 July 2019 with Helen Ollivier
Inspired by New Zealand artist Michel Tuffery, create a print that represents your unique identity using the shape of the first letter of your name. Students will be drawing and developing ideas with pattern and design and learning basic printmaking techniques using foam board and ink.

Colourscapes $52
Thursday 18 July 2019 with Helen Ollivier
Looking at a variety of New Zealand and international artists including Dick Frizzell, Rita Angus and Andre Derain we will be exploring the use of colour to create the illusion of depth. Students will be creating their own landscape work using acrylic painting techniques on canvas.

Painted Sticks $52
Friday 19 July 2019 with Helen Ollivier
Construct a cool hanging sculpture from painted sticks and string. Students will be exploring layering colour and pattern with acrylic paint as well as developing an awareness of balance and space in this fun sculpture workshop.

Wild Things Art Studio | 548 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

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  • Lunch and a drink
  • Art shirt or apron
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