Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2019-05-14 11:03:57

As a school our goal is for every child to aim to be the best they can be in whatever sports they wish to be involved in. Coaches, managers, players, and supporters, are expected to follow the principles of Fair Play. This is outlined through the School’s Code of Behaviour and the Code of Sporting Conduct which promote a respect for all and fair play. Respect for others and self lies at the core of the Special Christian Character of Westminster Christian School. Players' Responsibilities The responsibilities of the player are to: ● Ensure the Special Christian Character of Westminster Christian School is observed at all times, both on and off the field. ● Play the game for your own enjoyment and to improve your skills. ● Play the game within the rules and abide by the principles of fair play. ● Respect opponents, referees, umpires, and your team members. ● Play hard but fair ● Be gracious winners and dignified losers ● Listen to, and follow, coaches, managers and captain’s instructions to the best of your ability. ● Attend all trainings and games. When this is not possible tell the coach, manager or team Captain. ● Uphold all school rules in terms of uniform and behaviour. ● Help ensure all equipment and facilities are looked after and left in good condition. Team Captains' Responsibilities The responsibilities of the Team Captains are to: ● Ensure the Special Christian Character of Westminster Christian School is upheld at all times. ● Lead by example in terms of actions, dress, behaviour, attitudes and fair play ● Action the respective coach's directions on the field ● Support all players, both on and off the field ● Encourage all players to uphold the school rules and fair play principles ● Liaise with the respective coach/team manager about any team problems ● Assist with: ○ issuing and collecting equipment ○ tidying changing rooms and facilities used ● Ensure that the team recognises the efforts of coaches/managers/parents who give up their time to assist. Coaches' and Team Managers Responsibilities: The responsibilities of the Coaches and Managers are to: ● Ensure the conduct of all team members and people associated with the team are consistent with the Special Christian Character of our school. ● Ensure the School Sports Co-ordinator is kept informed of any team changes or requirements and communications with parents. ● Establish and communicate team policies to the students, particularly in the game situation. ● Ensure all students know we respect Fair Play. ● Lead by example, especially in regards to practising, co-operation, selfcontrol, respect for others and proper attitudes in language, dress and behaviour on and off the field. ● Coach sport for the development of the individual and the team, enabling the fulfilment of each team and individual’s potential. ● Allow, as much as possible, all players to receive equal playing time. ● Coach to make the sport challenging and fun. ● Develop and communicate team strategies, remembering all individuals have differing maturity and ability. ● Be reasonable in the demands on the commitment of players, eg. time. ● Safety is a key principle, always. ● Will foster respect for umpires and sporting officials. ● Ensure all players are aware of team selections. ● Establish training timetable and undertake regular training sessions. ● Utilise coaching opportunities to benefit players and coach’s development. ● Carry and maintain a suitable first-aid kit. ● Ensure proper medical attention is available to any injured players. ● Communicate with parents/guardians of any injured player and in the case of a serious injury inform the Teacher-in-Charge. ● To nominate player of the day. ● Maintain a record of team and individual performances for the season. ● Inform the sports co-ordinator and Mrs Gillanders of game results. Parents or Caregivers' Responsibilities: The responsibilities of parents or guardians are to: ● Lead by example. We are there for the participants to enjoy the game. Enjoyment is as important as winning. ● Never laugh at mistakes or losses - you are there to support. ● Respect team and match officials’ decisions. ● Support all team officials. ● Respect and support all opposition players. ● Encourage adherence to school rules and the principles of fair play at all times. ● Always support players ● Discuss any problems with our Sports Coordinator. ● Ensure uniform requirements are met. ● Assist with the provision of transport to/from and supervision at games. ● Assist with coaching and officiating if possible. ● Ensure all sport charges are paid. ● Recognise all volunteers are giving up their time