About Us

You don't have to own animals to learn about and spend time with them!

Our Animal Crew school holiday programmes teach compassion and responsible behaviour towards animals. They help people to recognise that all creatures matter.

Kids aged between 6 and 13 are invited to take part in our exciting school holiday programmes which are jam-packed with animal activities.

Can you think of a better way for your young animal lovers to learn about animals, make friends, play outrageous games, and hang out and help some amazing animals all at the same time?

Our Animal Crew programmes are designed to promote kindness and compassion for all animals. Animal Crew combines animal care and behaviour learning activities, team projects, craft activities, and hands-on interactions with animals such as cats, kittens, puppies, mice and more!

Great Programmes

Animal Crew school holiday programmes are wonderful fun for both children and animals.

Real Experiences

Kids experience how to do everything from training, caring for and being a responsible animal guardian.

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