What is Enrolmy Virtual?

Everything you need to launch Virtual Classes, in one place!

  • Schedule all your virtual activities on a dedicated website
  • Quickly and easily promotes & markets these activities
  • Manages all your virtual bookings and credit card payments
  • Integrates with Zoom teaching tools and manages all your links
  • Automates confirmation and reminder communications through email and SMS
  • Helps with reporting with dashboards to gain meaningful insights
Enrolmy Virtual enables providers to schedule, market and run online activities while at the same time making it effortless for parents to find, book and pay.

Quickly and easily set up your Virtual Classes

We've made it super SIMPLE for you to start offering Virtual Classes in just 15 minutes.

  • Set up minimum and maximum ages
  • Description of the class and any resources students need
  • Key learning outcomes from the class
  • Assign tutors to classes, easily
  • Plus a dedicated website for hosting your virtual classes and backend administration to manage your settings.

Earn more revenue with less work

From the moment you publish your Virtual Classes, it's all automated!

  • Tutors have their own account, with links to their assigned classes
  • Parents receive automatic communication, so you won't need to
  • All Zoom links are automatically assigned to each class and are easy to find
  • Can take payments, no matter where in the world your clients are
  • Stripe integration allows parents to easily pre-pay for classes by credit card.

Keep an eye on everything, in one place

Our easy to use dashboard lets you track and monitor your Virtual Class, in one place.

  • Run reports to gain insights on booking and revenue
  • Promote and manage bookings
  • Access to all Zoom links for each class
  • Easily contact parents or students from the dashboard
  • Generate automatic confirmation and reminder communications for each class.
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