Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2019-05-08 14:04:32


1.1 Acceptance of this enrolment is at the discretion of Tim Bray Theatre Company.
1.2 Payment must be received in full before the start of the programme you have enrolled for.
1.3 Tim Bray Theatre Company is unable to confirm places on courses until an enrolment and full payment has been received. Unfortunately, there is no automatic re-enrolment for our regular students, so please make sure that you pre-enrol for each term or class.
1.4 To avoid disappointment by missing out on a place (as there are limited numbers of spaces in each class) bookings and full payment, ahead of the class or workshop starting, are essential.
1.5 Term time course fees are calculated for a whole term of classes and cannot be paid class by class.
1.6 There is no discount, credit or refund for missed classes (including rehearsal viewing) in our Term Time Youth Theatre classes due to illness, family holiday, clash of timetable etc.
1.7 Trialing a Class: no charge is made if a child does not continue with further classes. Otherwise, this class is charged as the first class attended.
1.8 For School Holiday Theatre Workshops and Hit the Stage! only -  if a child cannot attend at the last minute due to illness or family bereavement and you have advised us prior to the start of the class, then a credit can be applied for a future class if requested. No credit will be made if no notification of illness or bereavement has happened prior to the start of the class. No refunds can be made in either case.
1.9 All statutory holidays are observed and so no classes will be held on those days. For Term Time Youth Theatre classes there is no refund for these classes or an alternate class offered at another time.
·        Via Enrolmy with a credit and debit card.
·        Via direct credit to our bank account 12 3086 0119443 00 with your own name and your child/ren’s names as the reference
3.1 It is the responsibility of the person enrolling the student, that Tim Bray Theatre Company have your, and other important, current contact details. Please ensure that the correct details are included in your enrolment, and if they change post-enrolment please let our staff know.
3.2 Also, as in 4.4 below, please ensure that any medical, behavioural or physical conditions of the student have been notified with the enrolment.
4.1 Tim Bray Theatre Company takes all practicable steps to ensure the safety of its employees, contractors, tutors and students and to provide a safe learning environment. Note however, that dance, body work and physical exertion carries a risk of injury or accidents. Tim Bray Theatre Company is not liable for personal injuries sustained.
4.2 Drama classes require team work, listening, sharing and focused behaviour to ensure a successful and enjoyable outcome for all of the students involved. If a tutor, Youth Theatre Manager or staff member feels that a student’s behaviour is impacting on others then the student may be removed for a time from the activity or the class. In more unfortunate situations the behaviour will be discussed with the parent or caregiver. And in extreme situations the student may be asked to leave the class completely with no refund or partial refund necessarily offered.
4.3 Tim Bray Theatre Company is not liable for any loss or damage to personal property while students are at our classes.
4.4 It is the student’s parents/guardian’s responsibility to notify Tim Bray Theatre Company of any medical, behavioural or physical conditions of the student prior to the start of the classes.
4.5 A first aid kit is available with the tutor. We do not provide Panadol or similar unless due to an event during class. We cannot administer students’ medication, food or water.
4.6 Students are under the supervision of Tim Bray Theatre Company tutors and staff while in class time only. Tim Bray Theatre Company’ tutors and staff cannot be responsible for supervision of students outside their allocated class time.
We work hard to provide quality classes with excellent tutors and staff. However, if you have a complaint or concern regarding our classes please raise it with our Youth Theatre Manager as soon as possible.
6.1 Tim Bray Theatre Company is permitted to film or photograph students in classes and use that imagery for our internal purposes (for example training or development of our programmes).
6.2 The person making an enrolment for the first time will be asked if they are happy, or not, to tick and digitally sign an Image Release. If you tick yes and digitally sign it, it means that you are happy for the image of your child (say from a photo or video taken in a class, workshop or performance) to be used for publicity purposes by Tim Bray Theatre Company.
6.3 Your own filming of your child, for example at an end of year performance, is permitted, but for personal use only.
7       PRIVACY ACT 1993
Tim Bray Theatre Company collects personal information about students (and parents/caregivers of students under 18 years old) when you enrol for our classes. All information is held at our office – Studio 14, Lake House Arts Centre, 37 Fred Thomas Drive, Takapuna, Auckland 0622.  Under the Privacy Act 1993 you are entitled to have access to and request correction of this information.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone a class or workshop. If we need to cancel a class or workshop for whatever reason, you will be  entitled to a full refund of the fees paid. Tim Bray Productions also reserves the right to terminate or cancel this enrolment and remove a child from the class or workshop, if at any time it believes that any child, or parent or guardian of that child, behaves in a manner that, in its sole discretion, Tim Bray Productions believes is inappropriate, disruptive or intimidating in any manner.
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of enrolling my child in Tim Bray Youth Theatre.