About Us

At ‘The Process’ we aim to:

*Encourage, Explore and Invigorate.

*Embrace the process of art and soul development

*Focus on clients art as a form of holistic wellbeing

*Unlock connections between art, mind and soul.

With a focus on self-care, The Process provides a non-judgmental space that allows everyone to invest in creativity. We gift materials that prompt self-reflection to inspire soul development.

Sarah is a primary school teacher with over 15 years experience. While working in schools, with students and their families, she was acutely aware of the need for overall support of our wellbeing.

The Process offers After School sessions for children 5-17 years old starting in Term 1 - 2019.
During these sessions we spend time stripping back the rules and negative stigma we have about our art making. As well as finding strategies to get those yucky critters off our backs that say "you're bad at art", or "their work is so much better than mine".

The Process also offers Preschool sessions that give parents and caregivers the chance to co-make pieces of messy art as babies and toddlers explore sensory experiences. Giving materials that are squishy, mushy and even edible inspires little minds and encourages curiosity.

During the NZ School Term breaks we have fun with our Holiday ArtVenture! There are many days and options to engage in fun arts and crafts. We offer full day programmes as well as offering half days for those who want to come to single sessions.

In the near future we will be adding Wellbeing Workshops for adults to allow you fulfill 'YOU' time.
You can't fill everyone else's bucket if yours is empty. These sessions will give an opportunity to follow a guided meditation session followed by an invitation to make and create.

The Process 'ain't no ordinary art class' - It is a chance for you to explore yourself, express yourself and invigorate your well being!

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