Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2018-03-30 12:49:51

Student Agreement
Before attending any of our activities (clubs, workshops, programmes etc), students
must agree to the following:

  1. I will help to create an environment where everyone is respected and valued.
  2. I will comply with any tutors’ request to shut down or close the screen on my device. My device will be in silent mode and put away when asked to by a tutor.
  3. I will not use or touch another person’s device, equipment, or property without their permission.
  4. I will only take photos or video of others when I have their permission to do so; and I will only upload or post images/video/audio to a website or app if the tutor directs me to do so.
  5. I will only download applications or software permitted by the tutor.
  6. I will only access applications and websites which are related to the activity.
  7. I will tell the tutor if I experience pain or discomfort during the activity.

Students that fail to adhere to the rules set out in this agreement may be asked to leave the activity. You can download this agreement at https://goo.gl/G9EQFh and share with your child/ward.

Privacy Policy
We will not share your personal or financial information with anyone outside of our organisation.  Non-identifying data (e.g. gender, ethnicity) may be collated for statistical purposes and may be shared with 3rd parties (e.g. schools).


Tech Club refunds
If a student chooses not to continue after the first week, there is no charge.  For bookings paid by credit card, 100% of Term Fees will be refunded.  Credit Card Fees will not be refunded.  Any other refunds are at the discretion of TechLeap Ltd.