About TechLeap

Does your child love coding, robotics, or digital technology in general?

Our tech clubs provide a safe place where young students with an active interest in digital technology can get inspired and extended in the tech areas they’re interested in, meet others who are into the same tech, and collaborate on projects together.

We look at cutting-edge tech, create awesome projects, and develop general skills & dispositions that are important for success in Technology and other learning areas. This includes:
* Electronics & Robotics
* Coding & Game Development
* Virtual & Augmented Reality
* 3D modelling and animation
* Web apps, websites, and chatbots
* Videos
and much much more!

Our clubs are led by tutors who are passionate about digital technology & education; all our tutors are police-vetted, and we implement Ministry guidelines on child safety.

Our Kaupapa
It should be fun (and, ideally, exciting & mind-blowing)
When it’s challenging, we persevere
Use the resources you’ve got (or find a way to access the resources you need)
Use online tools & resources, so you can work on things at home
Use club time to work together, learn from and help each other
Keep ourselves and each other safe online
Learn to learn
Keep parents in the loop

Find Us …
Incredible Tech

Each term we focus on a different Future Tech - VR, A.I., Electronics & Robotics, IoT & InterWebs.

Life-long learning

We aim to nurture students' curiosity, creativity, research skills, critical thinking, and teamwork.

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