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About ART FOR KIDS / Stephanie Woodman

As part of children’s development, art is a creative outlet that develops confidence, fine motor skills and problem solving skills and most of all self expression. It’s all just very choice and good for kids all-round development.

The Art for Kids Programme is designed to be educational, fun, recreational and creative. It is structured to teach children the skills and techniques of the visual arts while instilling a sense of confidence through experience. Stephanie’s quirky sense of humour and no-nonsense approach is her trademark. Children love the mixture of fun and achievement. We have the After School programme for 5-10 years and the Extension Programme for 10-17 years.

All children are welcome to join our classes, skilled or unskilled. The studio atmosphere is encouraging and non-competitive.

Activities covered during term times are painting, drawing, construction, printmaking, hand crafts and mixed media. In the Extension Programme students choose their projects and are able to access a wide range of materials.

Art for Kids also has a hugely successful Choice Holiday Programme. If you’d like to be added to the database, please contact Stephanie,

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We offer two programmes: After School Art Lessons 5-12 yrs 3.45-5.15pm and the Extension Art 10-17yrs 5.15-6.45pm.


You can choose whether to do a full day 9.30-3.30pm or just a half day 9.30-12pm or 1-3.30pm. Ages 5-13yrs

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