Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2018-06-29 08:43:59

We understand that the team fee is based on a set number of children registering.  It may be possible for the team to proceed with less players - however, this will require an additional fee to cover the team registration cost. 

We understand that a refund will only be granted if a withdrawal is due to medical reasons and there will be a $5 administration fee deducted from the refund.

Coaches/Managers are required to read and understand this form to verify their acceptance of the Coach Code of Conduct prior to the commencement of the school sport competition they have offered assistance for.
Ensure decisions must be fair to all players.

Coaching comments to be of a positive nature.

Ensure players have an equal amount of game time. (Except for disciplinary, prolonged absence or ailment reasons).

Must at all times respect the decisions of the referee.

Refrain from talking to the referee during match time.

Be an exemplary role model and teach players the Fair Play and Sportsmanship ideals.

Ensure no player is left at the courts/pool/turf/field by themselves after the game.

Respect the policies and decisions made by the school and take time to speak with the school at a mutually agreed upon time to discuss any issues that arise.

Remember the purpose of after school sport at St Joseph’s School is for children to develop teamwork and skills through participation, and to have fun.
Parents are required to read and understand this form to verify their acceptance of the Parent Code of Conduct prior to their child participating in any after school sporting competitions.
We will ensure that once our child is selected for a team, they will complete the season.

We understand it is our responsibility to make sure our child arrives and is picked up on time for all games and trainings.

We will remember that children participate to have fun and that the game is for them, not adults – be a role model.

We will respect that the decisions of the referee shall be final.

We will refrain from using abusive language towards a referee or other players.

We will respect all players, officials, spectators and the facilities.

We will support the Coach of our child’s team, communicating respectfully.

We understand that our School Sports Coordinator is the first point of contact should an issue arise and it is the School’s responsibility to contact the competition organiser should any issue need to be resolved.
We will inform the Coach of any physical injury or medical condition, e.g. asthma, which may affect the safety of our child or the safety of others.