St Heliers Out of School Care Operating @ St Heliers Centre, Churchill Park School & Glendowie Community Centre

  St Heliers , Auckland

Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2020-09-23 09:10:26

  1. Only children for whom there is a completed enrolment form will be accepted into the programme. Supervisors should be informed of any changes to information on enrolment forms.
  2. All children are to be collected no later than 6pm each day. 
  3. Supervisors are to be advised if someone other than the appointed person is collecting children. Please also note authorised people who can pick up your children and also people who are not authorised on the online Enrolmy enrolment form. 
  4. Please note our social media clause on the online enrolment form under “More information” Please tick yes for consent or no.
  5. If you wish your child to appear on photos or videos while at St Heliers Oscar @ Glendowie Centre & Churchill Park Oscar programmes, please tick yes for consent or no. This is found under the child’s details on our online enrolment form on Enrolmy.  The images will be used for promotional material.
  6. Please advise us of any safety or custody issues that may affect your child's wellbeing and security on the online Enrolmy enrolment form.
  7. Please advise us of any medical condition or allergies or special dietary requirements on the online Enrolmy enrolment form.
  8. Children must be informed of collection points and times from schools. In the event of a child not appearing for roll call, the supervisor will in the first instance contact the school office.  If there is no explanation for the child’s absence, the child's parents/listed contacts will be contacted.
  9. Bookings must be made in advance by filling in the online enrolment form provided.
  10. St Heliers Church and Community Centre have the right to decline an enrolment of a child due to health and safety reasons or previous history and/or unpaid accounts history of being on the Oscar programme.
  1. Fees will be invoiced 5 weeks in arrears.  Invoices should be settled within 7 days of receipt. We ask that all invoices are settled in order that a place may be secured in the following term. 
  2. For parents wishing to pay by automatic payment or internet, our account number is: St Heliers Community Centre,  ANZ St Heliers, 01-0262 -0120272-01.  
  3. Cash payments should be given to the community centre office and must be receipted. 
  4. Eftpos services are available in the main office.
  5. The individual signing the enrolment will be liable for any outstanding accounts.
  6. Unpaid accounts may result in children being asked to leave the programme.
  1. Should you wish to alter days of your child's attendance please request this in writing 2 weeks in advance. 
  2.  1 change to existing days is permitted per term.
  3.   One off additional days are available only when space is available.
  4. All cancellations are to be requested in writing 2 weeks in advance.  If a request to cancel is made within the 2 week period, the days requested to be cancelled are still liable for payment.
  5. Please note that all bookings made are payable and no refunds are made for non-attendance, including sickness.
  6.  Should your child be sick and/or unable to attend the after school programme please contact the Oscar Office by 10am on the day.
  1. Supervisors may arrange any necessary urgent medical treatment at parent’s cost. 
  2. Parents should report to supervisors when collecting children from the programme and sign out their children in the register at the door.  Collecting children from Oscar: Oscar closes at 6pm sharp. A charge of $1 per minute after 6pm will be made. Parents delivering children to breakfast club must sign children in to the programme.  Children who are booked in for the walk down option only – at Glendowie Centre – are to be collected at 4pm.  If collected any time after 4pm, the full session cost of $20.13 per child will apply. Please sign your child out upon collection and write the time.
  3. Parents should advise supervisors of any situations that may disturb children.
  4. Respect is to be shown from children regarding differences and other cultures.
  5. Children are expected to listen and respond to directions given by staff at the Oscar programme.
  6.  Children are expected to respect staff at the Oscar programme.
  7. In the event of an injury, including head injuries, whether they be minor or serious, the supervisor will contact the guardians on the enrolment form immediately by phone or text. 
  8. The Oscar programme will not tolerate:
    • Bullying
    • Swearing
    •  Abuse of any kind
  1.  Unsafe behaviour or behaviour which consistently affects the quality of care available to other children or is detrimental to children                 and/orstaff may result in children being asked to leave the programme.
  2. While the Out-of-School Care employees will take care to provide proper supervision of children at all times, neither the St Heliers Presbyterian Church, Community Centre, nor the employed and volunteer staff shall have any personal liability in respect to any act of omission arising from any session or activity of the service.
  3. The staff  take all care but no responsibility for your child’s personal property.  All lost property is kept in the Oscar Office in boxes for one term and then donated to charity.
  4. Information held on enrolment is used for the purposes of establishing and maintaining accurate records held by St Heliers Centre. This information is stored on our online booking system Enrolmy.  Parents are welcome to update their details by logging into their account. This information will not be passed to any other body, and will be accessed only by staff operating the Oscar programme. Information will be made available to Oranga Tamariki for the purpose of approving the programmes.


  1. Bookings are subject to payment in full excepting WINZ bookings. Winz bookings must be made with us at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the programme otherwise a 20% deposit will be required or a letter confirming full support from WINZ.   This will not be required if child is already attending after-school care.
  2. St Heliers Centre is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items left in the child's processions.
  3. Parents/caregivers are liable for late fees of  $1 per minute after 6 pm.
  4. In the event of an emergency where we are unable to contact you we  will proceed to administer medication and assist the child as deemed appropriate in the circumstances.
  5. Parents/caregivers are required to supply children with morning tea, lunch, drinks and sunhat on each day attending the programme.
  6. Children may be transported to or from St Heliers Centre as part of the daily programme or for the health and safety of the child.
  7. Children must be signed in at the commencement of the day and signed out at collection. Children will not be released to any person not named in the registration form without prior written consent.
  8. St Heliers Church and Community Centre have the right to place children into a more suitable activity as we see fit. 


No refunds or transfers are available within 24 hours of whole 2 week holiday programme starting ie this programme started on 28th September 2020. However, transfers are allowable with medical certificate.  Any refunds given will incur a $20 administration fee. If the booking was paid by credit card - the amount will be refunded via internet banking less 1.85% credit card fee. The finance cost will still need to be paid.

  Any alterations made once the programme has started will incur a $5 admin fee per child

Please also note that our centre is a Bully Free centre. Bullies are not allowed. Children enrolled in our programme will respect other
children, and the staff. They will have lots of fun with others, supervised by our staff.


Extremely important, please do inform the staff if there is any medical concerns that the staff should know, e.g. Allergies. If your children have an Epipen, please pack the Epipen with them. If the children have allergies or other medical concerns,  but fail to turn up  with the medicine (or Epipen if necessary) for an outing day,  please note that the supervisors of the day can refuse to take the children on the trip.

In the event of an injury, including head injuries, whether they be minor or serious, the supervisor will contact the guardians on the enrolment form immediately by phone or text

 In the event of an emergency where we are unable to contact you we will proceed to administer medication and assist the child as deemed appropriate in the circumstances.

If your child has had a previous head injury it is not the staff’sresponsibility if the child is enrolled in a high risk activity.  Please add any previous head injuries onto the medical section of your enrolment form online please.


If your children bring along any electronic devices, e.g. phones, Ipad, it is the children’s responsibility to look after them. The staff or the centre hold no responsibilities for the safety of the device. E.g. They are not responsible for it if it gets stolen.  Children are to ask for permission by staff first before using the electronic device. They can ONLY use the device if they are allowed by the staff, and supervised by our staff. E.g. They are not allowed to use them when the group activities are on.


Your child needs to have full protection, ie helmet/knee and elbow pads, if they wish to use the skatepark.  If they do not  bring these, they will not be allowed to use the skatepark

Rash vests are recommended for outdoor swimming.  Please put on water resistant sunscreen on your child.  Staff  will also put sunscreen on children—Staff hold no responsibility for sunburn.
  1. Cash/Eftpos: accepted at St Heliers Centre open 9-5pm Monday-Friday.
  2. Cheques: made payable to St Heliers Community Centre and mail to 100 St Heliers Bay Road, St Heliers, Auckland.
  3. Online: Ac 01 0262 0120272 01 please reference and your child's name and Invoice number.

  1. Families please ensure that your claim is made at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the programme.
  2. Places confirmed following 20% deposit or letter of full support from WINZ.
  3. Existing after-school children may book without the need for deposit.
  4. Bookings will not be confirmed until payment has been clarified.

The information collected by St Heliers Community Centre is for the purposes of service delivery.  It may be viewed by Child, Youth and Family and is managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.


I understand my child will be in the company of other children and adults. They will sleep in tents from 27th ~ 30th Sept. I understand the code of behaviour that the children need to follow. Children will Return to St Heliers Community on Wednesday 30th @5pm. I will pick up children at St Heliers Community Centre by 5pm

I hereby give my consent for my child to take part in any camp activities and I undertake to indemnify against any claim arising out of any accident involving my child or any occurrence which but for this indemnity may give rise to a claim for damages during the camp, including travelling to and from the Farm Adventure Camp.