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Hundreds of parents visit their local Enrolmy school page every month to enrol for school sports, camps and other school activities.

By listing your business on your school's Enrolmy page, you can promote your business directly to locals in your community.

Enrolmy's local school hub pages display:

    School sports, Camps, School trips etc
    Holiday Programmes, Music Lessons, After school care etc
    Local businesses supporting the school.

List your business in our COMMUNITY SERVICES section to show support for your school and get noticed by hundreds of parents.

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About Enrolmy

We are a 100% NZ owned and operated company. Our focus has been creating & developing cloud based software for managing kids activities.

We manage over 100,000 bookings nationwide across before and after school care, holiday programmes, and school sports.

Our software platform is offered FREE to schools, because it's in our company DNA to support our community.

Supporting your school is simple. Promoting your business is a no-brainer.

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