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We specialise in only one thing and we do it well – teaching languages: Spanish & Italian. All abilities are present in our courses; grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing with the main focus being communication and speaking. Students use Spanish in class in relevant contexts from the very first class.

Teaching like any other profession takes years of study. Speak Spanish Language Institute differs from other institutes in that we use qualified teachers. We use the communicative approach so activities in class are aimed to produce meaningful and real communication, at all levels. There is more emphasis on skills than systems and our lessons are learner-centred.

Our approach to learning language is based on the immersion philosophy, which involves learning to converse and communicate in a natural setting. You will practice and use the target language as you would in real life.
We take language learning seriously and we believe we provide the most professional tuition at all levels. We know how to teach and don’t forget English is our second language, so we know what it's like from a learners perspective.

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Adult courses

We offer different courses for adults, there is an option for everybody depending on your availability and goals.

Children courses

Our children courses are for children (and also families) from 2 to teenage years.

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