About SPARK Club (Crofton Downs Primary School)

As our name reflects we are a Club full of SPARK where we all get excited about having fun. SPARK Club is not school, it's a programme where your children come to relax and enjoy themselves.

We provide a structured programme of activities accommodating a wide range of interests. Our care is underpinned by our school expectations and values following the school rules.

We meet in the school hall where afternoon tea is provided after which the fun begins. We start off with some structured free time after a busy day at school. Each day will be different with varied arts and crafts activities, board games and toys, organised sports as well as lots of imaginative play and drama being offered. There will also be time for reading and quiet activities. We have lots of space outside with two playgrounds, the school field with football and rugby goals, and sealed areas with netball hoops where there are also opportunities for play with scooters, skates and skateboards. The hall has a kitchen where those that are keen to get involved can cook healthy food each week.

Our team will encourage your children to give their input wherever possible and use their suggestions to plan our next themes/activities. Our team have varied skills and interests and are committed to keeping our programme engaging and fun for everyone.

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Safe and convenient

Easy transition to and from school each morning and afternoon.

Connected to CDPS

The Club is administered through the school office so it's easy to get in touch with us!

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