Ready Steady Go Kids ELC/Incursions & School Holiday Programs

East Ivanhoe, Melbourne

About Ready Steady Go Kids ELC/Incursions & School Holiday Programs

Ready Steady Go Kids is a specialist sports class with a multi-sport focus. The program is designed by a paediatric physiotherapist and occupational therapist. Our classes are structured so that your child receives the best outcome for their developmental needs.

Our program teaches children a range of additional age-appropriate skills including exploration, basic counting and colour concepts. Plus it encourages teamwork and sportsmanship, and helps to build social skills, listening skills and concentration in all age groups.

We will contribute to your centre's Quality Improvement Plan and Support the Early Years Learning Framework. Our program can be linked to many of the quality areas but Quality Area 2, Element 2.2.2 "Physical activity is promoted through planned and spontaneous experiences and is appropriate for each child" is of most relevance.

A specialist sports class like Ready Steady Go Kids, that is run by an experienced coach, allows educators the opportunity to observe their group of children from a different perspective and link it back to the 5 Learning Outcomes outlined in the Early Years Learning Framework.

You will need to have a booking with the ELC you are looking to book our classes for in order to attend.

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Whole body workout

Our multi-sport program gives your your child a whole body gross motor workout.

School readiness

Our 4-6 group supports school readiness and transition by encouraging team work, independence and other soft skills.

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