About Rad Skate School

Skateboarding is more than just rolling on a board. Skateboarding requires mental and physical focus, demands respect and perseverance, and provides a social gathering of friends who bond over shared failure and success.

Rad X Site Wanaka sessions.
Each session has 5 spots.
Book in to one or many sessions, we intend to run these through winter.

Foundation sessions 3.30-4.30pm - Want to learn to drop-in, carve, learn 50-50s and Rock to Fakies (don't know what that means?)
These are probably the right classes for your youngling).
Build those foundations that will set you up for the future with hands on coaching.
This would be the first timer or beginner level of lessons.

Perfection sessions 4.30-5.30pm - Have some tricks and wanting to perfect them or learn more.
Learn about the best lines to set up tricks, how to fast track your learning and receive expert coaching from some of NZ's best skateboarders.
These would be the intermediate or advanced lessons.

Expression sessions 5.30-6.30pm - 16 and older want to learn something at your own pace.
Do you just want to meet some new crew to skate with?
These sessions are all about respecting that we all have different skill sets and learn at our own pace.
Why not do it as a crew where you can share the hype.

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