About Pride Lands

Here at Pride Lands, we have a simple, clear vision. To help guide as many children as possible children through to adulthood, and to provide this assistance anywhere it is needed, and to any age. To realise this vision we offer a range of before and after school care and school holiday programs designed to nurture and provide support to children and their families.

As a parent, once you understand our vision you’ll see why our services are different from other providers and how those differences are all designed to teach confidence and respect and to help your children grow into great adults.

Ask kids why they love coming to Pride Lands, and while they might mention the great food, the way we treat them with respect, or the fantastic field trips! But the number one response will be how much fun they have with us!

When you're ready to join our adventure you can find our available activities below...

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One-On-One Support

No one is excluded! Let us help your cubs integrate and thrive in our program and care!

Pride Initiative

Our free leadership/mentorship program during the Fun Holidays for our cubs 11 years & up!

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