Terms And Conditions

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  • To uphold and maintain our vision and values
  • To provide a professional, warm, fun and caring service in a safe, supportive environment for children
  • To create a welcoming environment in which children engage and strengthen their social connections
  • To encourage children to participate and make valuable and meaningful contributions
  • To ensure there is open and positive communication between Nikau Kids and the families that participate
  • To partner with Te Uho o te Nikau Primary School to help achieve their mission
  • To provide activities which support the values of the NZ Curriculum and which educate and extend children
  • To respect and value all people regardless of their culture, beliefs and background. We warmly welcome and embrace the diversity of this community and nation.

We understand that our programmes are only as good as the staff who run them. All Nikau Kids staff are trained and skilled children’s workers and receive ongoing support and professional development opportunities. Our staff to child ratio is 1:10 on site and 1:8 off site. In addition to this, there is always a minimum of two staff on duty at all times. Please see our policies and procedures manual (available on site) for further information.   

The after school care programme will operate from 2:30pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday during term time. The programme will not operate on public holidays. Holiday programmes operate from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. The programme will have a short shut down period around the time of Christmas and New Year.
The number to contact our friendly staff while on site at Ormi Kids is: 0204 666 016.  
  • 2:00pm - 6pm for after school care
  • 7am - 6pm for holiday programme care    
The number to contact our staff who deal with all enrolments, bookings and enquiries is: 0204 555 015.  
  • 9am - 1:30am Monday to Friday
The fee structure will be announced prior to the commencement of each year and will be clearly shown and described on all programme promotional flyers. Parents will be given one full term’s notice for any changes to fees and pricing structure thereafter. The rate charged for after school care is dependent on ‘regular’ and ‘casual’ booking basis. The fee structure is designed to make it more financially beneficial for parents who require more care.

All payments can be made into the following account:
  • Account name: Silvereye Kids Limited
  • Account Number: 12-3615-0048549-00

  • Online banking - Fees can be paid directly via electronic financial transfer (EFT) to Nikau Kids or by automatic/online bank payment authority.
  • Direct debit - A direct debit (weekly or fortnightly) with Flo2cash, the financial institution and provider to Enrolmy (with whom Nikau Kids does our enrolments, bookings and invoicing) is available upon request. A direct debit authority form will need to be completed, returned and submitted for approval. Third party terms and conditions apply.
  • Cash - Payment by cash is not encouraged, a receipt will be issued with every cash payment. No cash is kept on site for safety reasons.
  • Credit card - Payments via credit card are also available. There is an applicable credit card transaction fee of 1.85% which is charged on the total amount. Third party terms and conditions apply.

Nikau Kids acknowledges that the issue of unpaid invoices and debt collection can be a sensitive issue and accordingly undertakes that it will use its best endeavours to handle all debt collection matters with the necessary goodwill towards the parents involved and in a fair and equitable manner. To help families in temporary and “unavoidable” financial difficulties where invoices are unable to be paid in full, payment plans are available upon request in order to enable parents to pay off debt and maintain payments for ongoing care. Payment plans are offered solely at the discretion of the management team. Where a payment plan is defaulted on, Nikau Kids reserves the right to suspend or terminate all bookings until the debt is paid in full and parents and caregivers will be given forty eight (48) hours notice in writing.

Nikau Kids reserves the right, at all times, to use the services of recognised debt collection agencies, such as Veda and Baycorp, to collect outstanding monies owed in situations where all reasonable debt collection measures have been used without success. The cost of any action taken by the programme to recover unpaid fees will be met by the parents of the child concerned.

No refunds are given for absences. A discretionary non-notification penalty charge of $10 may be charged if parents have not contacted the manager or management team via text or email to advise of their child’s absence prior to 2pm for after school care or 6.30am for before school care.[

All families enrolling their child in our after school regular booking are required to pay a $100.00 deposit, per child. The deposit will secure a child’s booking and be refunded when Ormi Kids’ care is no longer required and all outstanding invoices are paid. Deposits should be referenced as "deposit" along with the child's name when making an online payment.

Payments will be deemed to be overdue seven days after the date of issued invoice. An invoice reminder will be sent seven days after issued date of invoice. If no payment is made within fourteen days after date of issued invoice, all bookings will immediately be temporarily suspended until the outstanding balance is paid in full. No child will be permitted to book and attend a holiday programme with unpaid or unsettled after school term fees. No child will be be permitted to book and attend before school and after school care with unpaid or unsettled holiday programme fees. A weekly discretionary non-payment penalty and administration charge of $5 per unpaid invoice may be charged on any account where invoices have become overdue by fourteen days.

All bookings and enrolments for after school care and holiday programmes are done online using Enrolmy. Parents log on to Enrolmy using their username and password, then select the days and sessions they would like their child to attend. A system generated email will be sent out to families to confirm their booking. It is the responsibility of each child’s parent to ensure all personal details are accurate and kept up-to-date. A child may not be booked into a programme without the enrolment process being completed. 

  • Venue - Nikau Kids will operate its holiday programme from the Ormiston Primary School multipurpose space (hall), 291 Ormiston Rd, Flat Bush, Auckland 2016. Change of circumstances Should circumstances change after completing a holiday booking, parents are to contact the office and Nikau Kids will do its best to accommodate any changes. All bookings are final as per the date indicated on the holiday programme brochure and bookings can’t be changed or swapped thereafter. Our two week cancellation policy only applies to before and after school care. 
  • Absenteeism - Should a child be booked in on a day and not attend, a full charge for non attendance will apply and swaps are not permitted.
  • Drop offs and collections - Children booked in for an 8:30am to 3pm session may be dropped off no earlier than 8:15am and collected no later than 3:15pm as a ‘grace’ window of 15 minutes is allowed. Any child who is booked in for an 8:30am to 3pm session and is still in our care after 3:15pm will automatically be charged for the full day, 8:30pm - 6pm session. Children booked in for an 8:30am to 6pm session may be dropped off no earlier than 8:15am and collected no later than 6pm. Late penalties will apply for any child collected after 6pm. Any child dropped off before 8:15am will be offered breakfast and automatically be charged for our early, breakfast session, regardless of whether they eat breakfast or not as supervised care has been provided.
  • Payments and bookings - Any child not attending Nikau Kids during term time will be required to pay their holiday programme invoice off in full by the latest twenty four hours before the first day of the holiday programme. Should payment not be made by the latest twenty four hours before the commencement of the holiday programme, Nikau Kids reserves the right to suspend or terminate the booking and the parent will be notified in writing.
  • Non bookings and walk-ins - Nikau Kids does not permit walk-ins and right of admission is reserved, regardless of whether a child is booked in for other days or programmes. Nikau Kids will endeavour to accommodate walk-ins however due to staffing, excursion fees, transport limitations and Ministry of Social Development OSCAR restrictions, attendance may be denied. If a parent is not present with the child, the programme supervisor will call the child’s parents and request them to collect their child. Measures will be taken by the programme supervisor to ensure the child is kept safe and not embarrassed while waiting to be collected.
A ‘grace’ window of 15 minutes is allowed meaning any child in our care after 4:15pm will automatically be charged for our full, 3pm to 6pm session. The after school care 3-4pm ‘early pick up’ rate is only payable for confirmed early pick up bookings. This ‘grace’ window applies to holiday programme session as well, explained above in holiday programme bookings.

Where sudden and severe illnesses and injuries occur resulting in a ‘regular booked’ child being hospitalised for a period of three or more consecutive days, a 50% discount will be offered. This will be based on the goodwill of the company and a doctor’s certificate must be produced. For all other illnesses and circumstances resulting in non attendance, regardless of whether a doctor’s certificate is produced, parents will be charged in full.
Two weeks notice, in writing, must be provided if a child is to be withdrawn from the before school and or after school programme or there is a change required to the days of care, otherwise a two week fee is payable based on the previous booking.
If a parent is late picking up their children, a late fee of $10 for every 10 minutes per child or part thereof will be charged to cover staff costs.
Nikau Kids is in the process of applying to become an OSCAR approved provider by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) allowing low income families to apply for WINZ subsidies. Please chat with our friendly staff for further details on how to apply for WINZ.
Children are required to be signed in and out for after school care by a nominated caregiver listed on the enrolment form. This is for each child’s safety.
Please call and advise our office 0204 555 015 (before 2pm ) and site phone 0204 666 016 (after 2pm) if there is a change in the person who will be collecting your child. If a person whose name is not on your enrolment form arrives to collect your child, we are obliged (for your child’s safety) to keep your child in our care until you have been contacted for consent.
Nikau Kids has a detailed sun safe policy in place. During the summer months, parents/caregivers will be required to provide a suitable hat and SPF 30+ broad-spectrum sunscreen for their children.
Although senior staff are trained in first aid, we do not have the facilities to look after sick children. If a child arrives at the programme visibly unwell, the programme reserves the right not to accept that child. If a child becomes unwell during a programme, caregivers will be notified and requested to pick their child up as soon as possible. We will endeavour to make the child as comfortable as possible until a nominated caregiver arrives. Nikau Kids has policies and procedures for accidents and emergencies and for children requiring medication.
When a child is enrolled for a regular after school care booking on a specific day of a week and that specific day includes a public holiday, fees are payable for the day of that holiday. There is no charge for public holidays that occur within a school holiday, and the programme will not operate.
An open door policy exists for children with special needs. Nikau Kids must however be able to meet the needs of that child and continue to meet the needs of the other children participating in the programme. Each case will be considered individually and every effort will be made to include the child within the limits of the resources of the programme. If a caregiver is currently in support at school for that child, then for safety and other reasons, that caregiver is required to be present at all times with the child at the programme.
Nikau Kids has behaviour management policies and procedures in place that are in line with those of the schools. These ensure our programme is a happy and safe place for all children. We encourage children to be polite, co-operative and considerate towards others and above all to have respect for themselves, peers, staff and the environment. If a child’s behaviour is consistently unmanageable or is harmful to other children, parents may be asked to remove their child from the programme.
We do not encourage children to bring their own toys or devices to the programme. Our programme is fully equipped with a wide range of indoor and outdoor games and materials. Nikau Kids will not be held responsible or liable for the loss of money, valuables or personal possessions that belong to a child.
Nikau Kids has a detailed child protection policy in place. The programme is committed to the prevention of child abuse and to the protection of children and young persons.
Our aim is to provide a high quality OSCAR programme. There may however be an occasion when you feel we could have done better. If this is the case please approach the site supervisor at Nikau Kids or alternatively the Director, Paul Schlachter on: 0204 999 019 and he will be happy to assist you with your recommendations or concerns.
Photographs of children or items of children’s work completed at Nikau Kids after school care programme may be used at a later date for marketing and promotional purposes including social media sites. The site supervisor will manage taking of all photographs and will ensure they are safely and correctly stored, this includes uploading onto social media sites.
PRIVACY ACT 1993    
The information that you have supplied for enrolments is necessary for the safe and effective operation of the Nikau Kids After School and Holiday Programme Care.  All personal information requested will be destroyed at the completion of your child’s time in the programme. You are welcome to review information pertaining to your child’s enrolment at any time.
Nikau Kids supports the combining of traditional learning with e-learning in what is referred to as blended learning. Children are encouraged to use devices for homework and e-learning only. Nikau Kids takes no responsibility for the safe care of personal devices and sharing of devices is discouraged. A device table with chairs, allowing for correct posture and clear visibility will be provided for students. Using devices during free play times which include activities such as online and offline gaming, all forms of social media communication, web browsing, watching movies and videos etc. is strictly limited wherever possible. During after school care sessions, the following guidelines will apply:
  • 2:30pm to  4pm - Devices are to be safely stored away and not to be used as active indoor and outdoor activities are encouraged. Students who have online homework may however use their device during this time.
  • 4pm - 4:30pm - Devices may be used for homework and e-learning.
  • 4:30pm to  5:15pm - Devices are to be safely stored away and not to be used as participation in our planned Octane, Adventure and Explore programme is encouraged.
  • 5:15pm to 6pm - Devices may be used.

During holiday programme care, the following guidelines will apply:
Devices may be used during “free play” sessions for a maximum of 30 minutes per session. Free play sessions usually happen three times within a 7am to 6pm daily session. Free play sessions will be announced by the site supervisor and typically occur once in the morning, once around lunch time and once in the afternoon.