Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2016-05-17 23:20:19

Consent and Privacy Notice 
By completing and submitting this contact sheet you agree to the following: 

• I agree to my child becoming part of the New Lynn Sea Scout Group, it’s Regional and National bodies (Scouts New Zealand) and to fully participating in their adventurous activities. 

• I agree that photographs taken during the course of these activities and events may be used ¡n publicity and marketing by New Lynn Sea Scouts. 

• I agree to share in the organisation and running of this Scout Group. In compliance with the Privacy Act 1993, please note the following: 

1. The New Lynn Sea Scouts and its Regional and National Parent bodies (Scouts New Zealand) collects personal information about its members.

2. This information is used to enable enrollment in New Lynn Sea Scouts, to make arrangements for your son or daughter’s safety, welfare and participation in our activities. 

3. To allow us to communicate with you, your child/ren and your family. 

4. To enable New Lynn Sea Scouts, it’s Regional and National bodies to plan effective programmes and activities and to apply for external funding. 

5. This information will become part of the New Lynn Sea Scouts Directory of membership and will also be made available to our Regional and National parent organisations for these purposes. 

6. The membership records are available to the Leaders and Managers of New Lynn Sea Scouts, and Offices, Leaders and Managers of our Regional and National organisations for use in delivering the Scout Programme to our members. 

7. It will be used to help inform you about products, activities, programmes, qualifications and other opportunities which may become available to you, because of your membership in these organisations. 

8. This information will be held and stored with care, both in its physical and electronic form. You will have the rights to review and correct this information in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.