Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre (MERC)

 Long Bay, Auckland

Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2020-01-22 11:06:26

Terms & Conditions for Sir Peter Blake MERC FEES AND DISCOUNTS
● Pay via Credit Card or Online Banking (credit card fees apply)
● Bank Account: Sir Peter Bake MERC Bank Account No: 12-3080-0084905-00
● Early Drop Off (up to 1.5 hours before the event begins) - $5
● Late Pickup (up to 1.5 hours after the event ends) - $5
● If you have not booked in an early Drop Off, and your child arrives prior to 8.00am then
    an early fee of $5 will be applied to your account.
● If you have not booking in a Late Pickup and your child is not collected by 4.30pm
    a late fee of $5 will be applied to your  account.
● Credit Card fees will not be refunded.

1. By booking your child into this session you accept the place and agree to pay for any
selected sessions. Payment is required within five business days of booking.
2. Only children whose parents/caregiver have completed an enrollment form will be
accepted. MERC should be informed of any changes to information on
enrollment forms.
3. Our programmes are designed for children aged 7 and 13 years of age.
4. All children are to be collected no later than applicable session as paid for. Parents are to advise on the sign in sheet if someone other than
the appointed person is collecting children.
5. MERC is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items left in
the child's possessions.
6. In the event of an emergency where we are unable to contact either parent or
caregiver we will proceed to administer medication and assist the child as deemed
appropriate in the circumstances. We will then contact the emergency contact named
on the enrollment form.
7. Parents/caregivers are required to supply children with morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, drink, jacket,correct footwear and
sunhat on each day they are attending the programme.
8. Children must be signed in at the commencement of the day and signed out at
collection. Children will not be released to any person not named in the registration form
without prior consent.
9. MERC reserves the right to contact parents and have their child removed
if deemed necessary due to behavioral issues.
10. At MERC we conduct adventure activities that can involve the risk of serious harm or death such as drowning or falling from heights.  MERC manages these risks by adhering to the Health and Safety at Work (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2016, undergoing an annual audit and delivering activities under standard operating procedures that are at or above industry standard.  However, MERC cannot remove all risks from its activities.  Participants must always follow staff instructions and understand that this is critical to their safety and the safety of others.  MERC staff are trained to manage all participants and will intervene with any who are not following instructions.

1. Booking your child into a session will hold you liable for the fees associated.
2. Fees will be invoiced at the time of booking and must be paid within five business
days of booking or prior to the events occurrence. Invoices MUST be settled before the
child attends the event. Payments can be made via credit card on our enrollment
site, via online banking using the instructions below or at the MERC office.
Cash/Eftpos: accepted at MERC and the office is open 9am-3pm Monday-Friday.
Bank Account: Sir Peter Bake MERC Bank Account No: 12-3080-0084905-00
3. For parents wishing to pay by internet banking, our account number is available on
the invoice generated when booking. Please note your invoice number and surname
under the reference details.
4.. Please note that all bookings made are payable, no refunds are made for
non-attendance, including sickness.
5. If a participant chooses to cancel some or all of their confirmed registration, or
cannot attend the session(s), we do not provide refunds. However, the following may
. given at least 10 business days' notice, the booking may be moved to another date
where possible OR
. the registered participant may invite another person to substitute their place in the
session (in which they are registered) OR,
. if there is someone on the wait list willing to take the vacant place, we can offer you a
credit for the following holiday period.
6. Should your child be sick and unable to attend the programme please contact us via
phone on 09 4730714 or [][/email]          
7. Parents should report to MERC when collecting children from the
programme and sign out their children in the register at the door. Children must have
written permission to leave unaccompanied.
8. Parents should advise MERC of any situations that may upset children
such as fears.
9. While MERC staff will take care to provide proper supervision of children at all
times, they will not have any personal liability in respect to any act of omission arising from
any session or activity of the service.
10. The staff take all care but no responsibility for your child’s personal property. All left
behind property is kept for two weeks after the holiday programme concludes and then
donated to charity.
11. Information held on this enrollment is used for the purposes of establishing and
maintaining accurate records. This information will not be passed to any other body, and
will be accessed only by staff operating the programme.

1. Please let the staff know any details pertinent to your child that are not on this form
e.g. any food allergies or nutritional needs. This includes allergies to things such as hay,
bees, foods, etc. If your child has an Epipen, please pack the Epipen with them. If the
children have allergies or other medical concerns, but fail to turn up with the medicine
(or Epipen if necessary), the child may be not be allowed to attend the programme on
that day.
2 Please be aware of acceptance of special needs children will be on a case by case
basis and is dependent on our ability to supply those needs.
3. It is extremely important to fill out the enrollment form with all medical information
and concerns.

1. We encourage your children to wear old clothes and closed toe shoes. Please do
not send your child in sandals or jandals. MERC will accept NO responsibility for
damage to clothing or personal belongings your child might wear or bring.

Please also note that MERC is a Bully Free center. Bullies are not allowed. Children
enrolled in our programme will respect other children, and the staff. 

If your children bring along any electronic devices, e.g. phones, Ipad, it is the children’s
responsibility to look after them. The staff or the centre hold no responsibilities for the
safety of the device. E.g. They are not responsible for it if it gets stolen. Children are to
ask for permission by staff first before using the electronic device. They can ONLY use
the device if they are allowed by the staff,. E.g. They are not
allowed to use them when the group activities are on.
The information collected by MERC is for the purposes of service
delivery. It may be viewed by Child, Youth and Family and is managed in accordance
with the Privacy Act 1993.
For any queries concerning our programmes, or if you wish to raise a complaint or
concern, please contact the office on 09 473 0714. 
Alternatively, please email us on [][/email]  providing details of your grievance and desired
outcomes and your concerns will be addressed.

By ticking the terms and conditions checkbox, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above terms and conditions, you give consent for your child to partake in adventurous activities at MERC, you permit MERC to obtain relevant medical/behavioral information about your child, you permit MERC staff to administer first aid to your child and that you have been given adequate information including the risks involved to enroll your Child(ren) into the MERC school holiday programme.

The terms and conditions and disclosure above is provided to all participants and must be acknowledged either by the participant or their legal guardian.