Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2020-01-21 16:46:32

Making a Scene Speech and Drama Academy
1. The reference “term” refers to a 10-week lesson period which will coincide with the New Zealand Primary School Terms dates. Terms can be shorter.

2. Students commit to the same lesson time every week during the term.  Any change to the
“lesson time” will be at the discretion of the Principal.

3. Missed lessons are forfeited. Classes missed due to teacher absence/illness will be caught up or
refunded on the following terms fees.

4. Payment of term fees is required in full and due two weeks after the invoice is received or by the first lesson attended by the student. An automatic payment can be set up for weekly/fortnightly / monthly payments into the Making a Scene Speech and Drama Academy account starting the first week of the term.  Setting up an automatic payment will incur a $20.00 yearly administration fee.

5. All examination, festival fees and other related costs will be the responsibility of the student and
must be paid on 7 days’ notice.

6. 4 weeks’ notice must be given to terminate tuition for the following term

7. On agreeing to the terms and condition image release for images and video of your child(ren) is available for the promotional purposes of Making a Scene and Debi Walters-Brown trading as Creative Lynx for an indefinite period.

8. Parents/caregivers are responsible for the arrival and departure of students. Teachers contracted to Making a Scene and Debi Walters-Brown do not accept responsibility for the students’ safe arrival or departure to and from Making a Scene classes or events.

9. Debi Walters-Brown trading as Creative Lynx reserves the right to cease tuition if these terms and conditions or reasonable conduct are not observed by the student or parents.  There will be no refund of tuition fees if stopped due to a breach.