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M Sports Footy for Kids Terms and Conditions

  1. Sessions that are postponed due to bad weather will be rescheduled
  2. M Sports will provide the necessary equipment for your child to partake in the exercises, extra equipment such as soccer/rugby kits, boots, running shoes, shin pads are to be provided by the child’s family/guardians. Please note school uniform can be worn should that be more convenient
  3. Refunds are not provided once the child has taken part in one of our scheduled sessions. If a child decides not to take part in the sessions on day 1 then M Sports will refund for the session.
  4. M Sports are not liable for any injuries that may be caused during the 45 minute sessions with our coaching staff. M Sports will however ensure the child is medically looked after should this be required
  5. Postponed sessions due to bad weather will be notified to the school, our [url=https://www.facebook.com/footykidsmsports/]Facebook[/url] page and Facebook page feed on our [url=https://footykids.m-sports.org/]website[/url] no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled session. The session will be rescheduled to another date. Notification will be emailed to the parents as to when the session will be rescheduled to
  6. Where possible the M Sports staff will locate the children particularly in years 1 and 2 to remind them of the sessions. Should M Sports not locate your child a refund will be provided for that particular session
  7. Parents/guardians are not permitted to take part or teach during in the M Sports sessions. Please leave that to our trained staff

Terms and Conditions

All M Sports clinics, Holiday Programmes may be referred to as a 'MS Group Programmes' in the following Terms and Conditions

1.1 M Sports Clinics: Enrolling in a M Sports Clinic secures a booking for the duration of the whole programme. Irrespective of attendance, payment is on a per programme basis and is expected by the date due on the invoice. Parents/caregivers and children are responsible for programme attendance.
1.2 MS Group Programmes: Enrolling in a MS Group Programme secures a booking for the days/times selected at the time of booking. Irrespective of attendance, unless prior notice that a child will be absent is given (min 24 hours), payment is still required and is expected by the date due on the invoice. Parents/caregivers and children are responsible for programme attendance.
1.3 Programmes Length: All MS Group Programmes may vary in duration depending on location and programme type.
1.4 Late payment: Late payment constitutes default under this agreement and MS Group may withdraw children from programmes at their discretion. Additional administration fees may be charged to overdue accounts.
1.5 Indemnity: The parent/caregiver agrees to indemnify MS Group Programmes against all costs, whether commissions, legal fees or otherwise, incurred by MS Group Programmes or their duly Authorised Agents relating to the recovery of any monies that may be outstanding from time to time pursuant to the terms of this agreement.
1.7 Discontinued sessions: MS Group Programmes reserve the right to discontinue any child for reasons including, but not limited to, inappropriate behaviour and non-payment of fees.
1.8 Note: Programme costs are reviewed annually, or as reasonably required, and at least one month’s notice, where possible, will be given of any change in price.
2.1 M Sports Missed Sessions: No refund will be given where session is missed or for early withdrawal from sessions during the term.
2.2 M Sports Cancelled Sessions: If a session has to be cancelled and a catch-up session is not available, that fee will be carried forward and credited to the next term.
2.3 M Sports Holiday Programme Missed Sessions: No refund will be given where a session is missed unless M Sports has been contacted and advised of a child’s absence a minimum of 24 hours (or as set out in programme specific booking information) before the session commences.
3.1 Website: Children/Parents/Caregivers will have access to the online content of the websites https://footykids.m-sports.org/ for the period of time they are enrolled into MS Group programmes.
4.1 Medical information: In the interests of the child’s well-being, whilst in the care of MS Group programmes, the programme must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the child. This information should be included in your Enrolmy online account, and update MS staff if conditions develop or change.
4.2 MS Group is not responsible for children outside of the agreed programme time or for a child making their way to and from a programme venue. Where a child is attending any MS Group programme, the ‘Drop Off/Pickup of Children’, ‘Children Not Arriving at the Programme When Expected’ and ‘Children Not Collected at the End of the Programme’ Policies & Procedures will apply.
4.3 Health and Safety Emergencies: In an emergency situation where your child needs medical attention, staff will ensure that every effort possible is made to get hold of the parents/caregivers/emergency contacts. If contact is unsuccessful, I authorise any person (acting through the staff and employees of MS Group Programmes) in the event of any accident or illness to my child, to take all such steps as may be necessary for the proper treatment and care of my child (as advised by a duly qualified and registered medical practitioner).
4.4  Parents/caregivers are expected to be able to collect their child at any time if they become unwell, jeopardise the safety of other children or staff at the programme, or are identified as a health risk to other children or staff at our programme.
4.5 MS programmes are committed to the recognition and prevention of abuse of children within our programmes and the community and supports the roles of statutory agencies such as the Police and the Ministry for Vulnerable Children (Oranga Tamariki).
5.1 Advertising: MS Group programmes will occasionally video / photograph sessions and may use video footage or pictures for promotional or training purposes. You agree to your child’s image/s being used, unless written notification to the contrary is provided at enrolment. If any images are going to be used more widely you will be contacted and an agreement arranged.
5.2 Copyright: Children/Parents/Caregivers undertake not to make copies of any MS Group Programme material, and/or use our intellectual property rights and content unless authorised to do so by MS Group Head Office in writing.
6.1 I consent to my child participating in/attending activities arranged by MS Group Programmes, as well as travel by private vehicle or public transport/alternative transport services as may be used from time to time to advertised programme outings.
6.2 Belongings: MS Group takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to children’s property while in our programmes.
7.1 Delivery information: Where applicable all deliveries will be couriered and expected delivery is within 5 business days within New Zealand. We don’t ship internationally.
7.2 PCI Statement: MS Group uses SSL, does not store credit card details, and all payments are handled by a secure, PCI compliant, third party.
7.3 Currency: All transactions are processed in New Zealand dollars
7.4 Physical Address: 8 Jubilee Avenue, Devonport, Auckland 0642
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1.Information we collect and how we use it
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2.Storage, access and correction
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3.Use of your information
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e) To assist any law enforcement or governmental agency in the performance of their proper functions, if we reasonably consider disclosure or use of the information to be necessary for that purpose.
f) In consultation with the school the programme or session booking is connected to, if we consider it necessary to assist the health and safety or wellbeing of an individual or others.
g) For any legitimate purpose in connection with our business.
h) To compile statistical and analytical reports for marketing purposes on the use of our service by all of our customers and end users, provided that such reports do not identify individual customers and end users.
4.Changes to our privacy policy
• We may change and update our privacy policy from time to time by updating this posting. Any such change and/or update of our privacy policy will take effect when it is posted on the Site. You are therefore strongly recommended to review our privacy policy whenever you use the Site.