Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2017-06-03 13:12:58

1.    To ensure the children know to go directly to the Live N Learn Programme as soon as they have been dismissed from their classrooms. They should not exit the school grounds.
2.    To notify a supervisor as soon as possible if a child booked into the programme will not be attending for any reason.
3.    To notify a supervisor immediately of any change in who will be collecting the child/ren, who have not been nominated on your enrolment form.  If someone new comes to pick up your child and we haven’t been notified we will not release the child until we have spoken with you for verification.
4.    To advise the supervisor of any changes in enrolment details such as days attending, custody arrangements, emergency contact phone numbers, and addresses. ( 7 days in advance in writing )
5.    If urgent medical attention if required at any time parents/guardians will be notified immediately.  It will be at the supervisor’s discretion along with the seriousness of the situation to either take the child to an emergency medical centre or call an ambulance.  Any cost will be reimbursed to the centre by the parents/guardians.
6.    Behavioural problems with any child will be brought to the attention of the parent/guardian.  If the problem cannot be resolved the child may be suspended from the programme until a resolution has been found.
7.    Any complaint regarding a staff member of the programme must be directed to the manager (René de Boed).
8.    While every care is taken to ensure the safety of your children at all times, we understand there may be risks associated with the children attending the Live N Learn Programme. To help minimise these risks, the programme has safety procedures as well as rules and boundaries which all children must comply with.
9.    Our preference for payment is internet banking (please include your child’s name), however we accept cheques.  All fees are to be up to date before the end of each term.  Any fees that are outstanding at the end of the term may attract interest charges of 2%.

11.     Charges: 
a)   Charges will be based on the information (pickup/drop-off times) provided on the enrolment form, no matter if the child/ren are picked up before the booked pickup time or dropped off after the booked drop-off time.
b)   If no pickup or drop-off time is identified on the enrolment or by written correspondence, Live N Learn will charge for the full session.  
c)    If pickup and or drop-off times change, Live N learn require this information (7 days in advance) in writing.
d)   If a child is picked up or dropped off outside of the booked pickup/drop-off times, Live N Learn reserves the right to charge for this extra time. 
e) Late Pickup Fees - $15.00 - failure to collect your child on time and failure to make contact with the supervisor regarding lateness by parent/guardian will incur a late fee charge. 
f) No Refunds are given for absences and all public holidays are charged at the applicable rate for bookings normally required that day.