About Lavender Art Studios

Experience a creative breakthrough at Lavender Art Studios! Established in 1999, our programs cater to all levels of artistic interest and experience. From beginners to more confident artists, the Lavender Art Class Program offers a progressive, enjoyable, and non-competitive environment to learn art techniques and create unique works of art.

Our Offerings:
Art Class Programs: Progressive learning with a focus on techniques and applications, suitable for all skill levels.

Specialised Art Workshops: Tailored workshops that dive deeper into specific techniques and styles.

Art Excursions: Inspiring trips to enrich your artistic experience.

High Country Art Retreats: For adults enrolled in the art classes; immersive retreats set in picturesque locations to rejuvenate and inspire.

Holiday Art Workshops: Engaging sessions during holidays to keep children's creativity flowing.

Course Structure:
Term Art Classes: Students explore drawing and painting, covering a wide range of subjects such as still life, clothed figure, portraiture, landscapes, and cityscapes. Various techniques, applications, and mediums are explored to develop a comprehensive skill set.
Life Drawing for Adults: A key component of our adult classes, offering in-depth study and practice of life drawing.

Teaching and Support:
Highly Skilled Instructors: Our teachers excel in art demonstrations and providing one-on-one support.
Assistant Support Teachers: Each class benefits from additional support to ensure personalized attention.
Studio Manager: On-site during young people's and school holiday workshops, offering extra supervision and support. In the manager's absence, the head teacher/director takes on this role.

Creative Environment:
Our dynamic and professional framework ensures the creation of distinctive, original pieces, emphasizing personal creativity. Classes are designed to be enjoyable and relaxing, providing a supportive atmosphere for artistic growth.

For more information and to book your place, visit our booking page or contact the studio manager at 0412 649 770.

Embrace your artistic journey with Lavender Art Studios!

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For more information on the progressive learning Term Art Class Program for Young People & Adults call 0412 649 770.

School Holidays!

Our School Holiday Art Workshops are always full of artistic creativty; great themes, great teachers and great fun!

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