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Coding classes for kids takes your child’s love of technology and uses it as a hook to learn. Not only will they have fun learning to code, they will also develop important 21st century digital literacy and STEM skills, whilst connecting with other like-minded kids.

Digital literacy, in addition to maths and English literacy, is now part of the Australian school curriculum, and an essential part of your child’s education if they are to move into the future confidently.

We offer a range of kids' coding classes, including game design, robotics, web design, app design and coding that will help your child win the jobs of the future. This is after-school tuition in studio and online and teaches block based coding, Python and other programming languages.

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Coding helps kids better understand the world around them. It's a fundamental in 2023 for any child's education.


We develop your childs tutoring program, goals and targets to ensure they are improving learning outcomes.

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