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We are open from 7am - 8:30 am Before school Monday - Friday. We provide a breakfast selection of cereals, toast & milo. During before school your child/ren will be able to play board games, colour, play with lego & other toys and when the weather permits we get outside for a play on the playgrounds

Our after school programme begins at 3pm and runs until 4pm/5pm or 6pm Monday - Friday.
All new entrant children will be collected from class and brought back to the hall. A roll call will be done every day to make sure all children are accounted for. Parents of absentees will be contacted if the absentee has not previously been communicated.

After school, we ensure that your child is provided with afternoon tea and remains safe and occupied until you are able to collect them, If your child/ren has food allergies or religious considerations please note these when enrolling and talk to the programme manager.

Aged based activities ranging from baking to crafts to indoor/outdoor games and science experiments will be run each day, as well as free time to allow time for your children to be children.

Huapai Plus will have a home work time Monday – Thursday for those children who have homework. Please talk to the programme manager about what your child/ren requires.


Our holiday programme runs from 7am until 6pm, every school holidays, excluding statutory holidays. During the school holidays we operate 3 age groups 5-6 year olds, 7-8 year olds & 9+, although each group has their own room we spend a lot of time interacting during the day. We aim to provide a range of different activities during the holidays from fun on site activities to exciting off site activities, to specific age group activities.

Your child/ren is required to bring along a packed morning tea & lunch everyday, afternoon tea will be provided every afternoon from 3pm.
A few more things that children need:
• Hats during the summer months
• a drink bottle
• Suitable clothing and footwear for the day’s activities
• We will provide sunscreen, but feel free to send along your own.
Please inform a Huapai Plus staff member if you child is allergic to

Please do not send any of the following:
• Gaming equipment o tablets/iPad’s
• laptops
• Toys
Children are more than welcome to bring bikes or scooters to ride. These will be stored in the hall when not been used for safety. They MUST have a helmet to wear.

We look forward to providing you and your family with a safe, fun & exciting environment.

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Exciting Activities

We aim to provide a range of different and exciting age based activities on all our programmes.

Engaged Staff

All staffed are trained and encouraged to get involved and interact with all children.

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