About HJ Elite Academy

HJ Elite’s players are introduced to the highest level of training and game education across the age span. Each program is built around our Academy Soccer/ Football Development Plan, which has been meticulously developed by Horace, to optimise each player’s individual growth technically, tactically, and personally within various settings.

HJ Elite’s Soccer Development Academy also has well defined age-specific training programs delivered in a fun and interactive way; that is more readily assimilated by our young football players. This training program enhances the physical literacy of the developing player by capitalising on a long list of fundamental movement skills. These skills ultimately maximise the developing players’ agility, balance, coordination and speed (ABCs of Movement); which will benefit them both on or off the field.
Our Football Development training also includes position-specific education; advanced understanding of team strategies, foundational tactics, and game intensity; an emphasis on decision making and tactical game management; individualised development sessions with video analysis; and games or scrimmages. The program will ensure that each player is able to adapt to varied team or coaching styles with an increased understanding for attacking, defending, and transitional play; as well as tactically diverse systems of play. This unique training style ensures that our soccer/ football players have a clear pathway to progress through the various levels of their football pursuits; both with us and at the various club and school levels.
Throughout the program, our Director, Horace James’ professional expertise and experience is apparent in the various tools, strategies and plans utilised. These all focus on developing our players’ capacities for tactical decision making, accountability, and pursuit of excellence. Ultimately, each of our players will possess key skills such as game insight and the ability to read plays, as well as position-specific qualities.
HJ Elite’s world class approach, prepares our players for the varied and diverse experience of competing at all level. Our players recognise the importance of team work, a professionally structured coaching style, a high paced atmosphere and the lasting impact of fostering relationships with their teammates and coaches.
HJ Elite’s soccer/football development program and overall performance plans are delivered in Six (6) to Eight Week (8) week blocks that include the following development modules:
• One- on-One training
• Team development training
• School Based Programs
• Strength, Conditioning and Endurance training
• Athletic & Personal Development
• Athlete Management System

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