Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2019-04-02 20:01:23

By enrolling your child with Good Sports you do so in full agreement with these terms and conditions.

  • All information must be correct to the best of your knowledge in order to protect your child's welfare and safety - please fill out as thoroughly as possible.
  • Please notify us of any change to your child's enrolment details (e.g. health conditions) asap and update this on their profile
Bookings and Payment
  • Payment is required upon receipt of an invoice
  • Where payment is not made we reserve the right to cancel the booking
  • Bookings are subject to availability - we will seek to confirm booking promptly, if you have not received confirmation prior to the day of the session please ensure you call us to check availability before instructing your child to attend
  • All online bookings must be made midnight prior to the session running - for any late bookings you must call to make this request
  • For all cancellations one weeks notice must be given to allow for staff rostering to be adapted accordingly - where required notice is given a credit may be issued for another session or at the discretion of Good Sports, a refund.
  • Where less than one weeks notice is given Good Sports will not be obligated to reimburse or credit and the booking charge will stand.
  • Good Sports endeavours to run all sessions as advertised however, in the event of circumstances beyond our control there may be adaptations to the activities or as a last resort cancellation.  In the case of cancellation a credit will be applied to the customers account.
  • The Good Sports programme seeks to develop sportsmanship skills and there is an expectation to good behaviour and of respect shown towards peers and coaches.  
    • If a child fails to meet these expectations in the first instance parents will be contacted to try to develop a plan to support this child
    • Where there is consistent failure to meet these expectations Good Sports reserve the right to cancel future bookings for this child
    • In the case of serious misconduct parents may be called and required to pick their child up and future sessions may be cancelled.
Attendance Procedures
  • A Register of Attendance is taken daily recording all of children attending Good Sports on that day.
  • Parents are responsible for notifying Good Sports if their child will not be attending a session which is booked - this is required in addition to contacting school about an absence/early pick up.
  • If a child who is booked does not attend staff will seek to attain whether this child attended school but in the case that this cannot be established or the child was present firstly the Parent/Guardian will be contacted and failing that the emergency contacts to establish the child's whereabouts.
Welfare and Safety
  • Good Sports is equipped with a basic first aid kit and one staff member will be First Aid Certified.
  • Parents or Guardians will be notified if an illness or injury comes to our attention
  • In the case of illness or injury requiring medical attention Parents or Guardians and medical authorities will be contacted promptly.
    • All medical costs will be the responsibility of the Parents or Guardians
  • A written record of illness or injury requiring first aid will be kept by Good Sports.
  • If your child must take a prescription medication of any kind, you must notify the Coordinator or Supervisor and complete a Medical Authorisation Form. Over-the-counter medication will not be dispensed without written authorisation. All medication should be given to the Supervisor to ensure proper usage. Children are not permitted to have medication in their possession to take on their own. Medication will never be given to a child by a staff member without the permission of a Parent or Guardian. No medication will be dispensed unless it is in its original container
  • Children should be dressed appropriately for the activity, and for some activities, a change of clothes may be required
  • All adults responsible for providing coaching services will be subjected to a New Zealand Police vetting request and reference checks
Sole Charge Service
  • Goods Sports aims to work on a voluntary ratio of 1 adult to 10 children 
    • An adult being a responsible person, of good character over the age of 16
  • Where numbers are appropriate there may be one adult  on site
  • When there is just one adult on site there will be another adult on-call in the local area who can attend to assist should a situation arise where this is required.

Limitation of Liability
  • There is an element of risk in some activities, and by enrolling a child in that activity, you are deemed to have accepted those risks on behalf of that child. You should make yourself familiar with those risks before you make a booking for an activity. 
  •  Good Sports will take all reasonable care of your child and his/her property during their participation in the activity, but will not be responsible for any injury to the child or loss of or damage to a child’s property.