About Glendowie OSCARS

Glendowie OSCARS is independently owned and operated out of school care programme which has been operating at Glendowie School since February 2000

Being school based is a huge benefit, not only are children safe as they stay on the school premises, but, we also have access to the wonderful indoor and outdoor facilities, including the gymnasium, courts, playgrounds, fields and swimming pool. We are pleased to be part of the Glendowie School culture and have adopted the schools ‘I Care’ philosophy in our programme.

Our programme offers a comprehensive out of school care service, providing Before and After School Care and Holiday Programmes throughout the year.

Glendowie OSCARS is an approved and accredited by the Ministry of Social Development as an OSCAR provider , and eligible families are able to access the OSCAR childcare subsidy.

We know how important feeling safe is and we make a real effort to get to know every child. Glendowie OSCARS is open to children in Year 0 - Year 8. With a wide range of ages and interests our programme is flexible to respond to current interests. There is a mix of child‐initiated and staff- initiated activities.

Children are encouraged to make choices about how to spend their leisure time at oscars, while maintaining safe boundaries and supervision. There is access to a range of equipment and materials which they are free to use in their own play, supported, extended, and encouraged by staff.

• A large hall /gymnasium
• Outside play on the field, court and playgrounds
• Crafts, art and colouring in activities in the foyer
• Swimming in the school pool term 1
• Board games
• Sports gear including roller skates, scooters
• Toys, cars, dolls, figurines
• Lego and blocks
• Dress ups, huts, and imaginary play
• homework supervision
• Messy and water play

We encourage friendship, self‐management, tolerance and respect for each other and property. We use Glendowie School’s 'I Care' philosophy.

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We are school based!

Our programme is based in the Glendowie School grounds, giving you and your child peace of mind.

We love Glendowie

Glendowie OSCARS has been operating for 20years - we love what we do and we love our awesome Glendowie community.

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