Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2020-09-11 21:24:56

All new enrolments and bookings subject to confirmation by the Glendowie OSCARS management. You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your booking. 

Policies and Procedures:
Our Policy and Procedure booklet is available for you to read at the sign in/out area.  

Parents contract:
1. I will ensure that my child’s enrolment information is correct and I will keep this up to date if anything changes. 

2: I will ensure that I sign my child in / out each day 
3; I will advise the programme if someone other than those who have been listed , come to collect my child.   
4: I will advise the programme if my child will not be attending prior to the start of the session. I understand that fees are payable for all days that my child is enrolled in, including sick days / absences
5: To advise the management of any medical or relevant condition, this includes behavioural issues that my child has.
6:  I am aware, that behaviour which is consistently harmful to others may result in dismissal from the programme after possibilities have been explored. 
7. Glendowie OSCARS has my permission to arrange any necessary urgent medical treatment at my/our cost. 
8. That any concerns or complaints should be reported in the first instance to the management

9: To ensure that my fees are paid in advance, or that I have a regular payment plan in place. If my fees are in arrears at the end of the term, a late payment fee of 10% of the arrears may be added to my statement and my booking for the next term will be subject to paying my arrears.
10:To collect my children from oscars no later than 6.00pm. A late fee may be charged, the late fee is $10 for the first 5mins and the $1 per minute.  If I am consistently late to collect my child,  I understand that my child's booking at oscars may be terminated.
11 I will give a minimum of two weeks notice, if I no longer require OSCAR before of after school care. 
12:  Neither the staff nor management of oscars is liable for any loss or damage (by way of accident, injury, theft or otherwise) arising out of attendance of the programme.

13 Lost property: school uniforms will be taken to the school office lost property, non school uniforms will be held for 4 weeks and then placed in the clothing bin.


Before and after school care: regular bookings is a minimum of 1 set day per week, for the  term.  casual care is subject to availability and is for any ad hoc, non regular booking.

holiday programmes: you can book any session that you like.

Fees and payments

Fees are due in advance. You will be invoiced on the day that  you make your booking. The payment due date will be on your invoice, please ensure all fees are paid prior to the start of the activity / or by the due date. If you would like to pay by a regular internet transfer payments, please advise management by email with your payment frequency plan. 

Failure to pay your fees by an agreeable timeframe may mean that your child's place cannot be confirmed for future bookings and a late payment fee  of 10% may be added.  

Collecting your child:

Your child must be signed out each afternoon when they are collected from After School Care each day. This is a safety requirement and necessary under our OSCAR childcare approval.  If your child walks to the programme or home then they can sign in themselves in/out, but this must be included on your childs enrolment form.

Please ensure that you include all people who have permission to collect your child, if a person is collecting your child that is not on your approval list, then please ensure that you have contacted oscars to advise staff. This can be by text on the day, 021 367243 otherwise, we will need to contact  you for your consent. Please be aware, that we close at 6.00pm  and a late fee of $10 for the initial 5minutes  will be payable and $1 per minute will be charged after the initial 5mins lateness.

Excursions / Extra Activities:
The programme may take children to the reserve across the road or to the park at the bottom of Riddell Road, there will be a note informing parents of our whereabouts and a contact mobile number.  In term 1, we offer swimming in the school pool.  A list of swimmers names and the time that we will leave the pool will be listed on the whiteboard at the sign out area.
For the holiday programme, a list the activities and times that we will be off site are on the activity sheet posted on the door.

Behaviour Management:

We use behaviour management techniques that encourage positive self esteem development.  This is done through the use of positive reinforcement and a stimulating and varied programme to ensure against boredom.  Every effort will be made to help your child settle into the programme. If a child’s behaviour is consistently harmful to themselves or other children, parents will be asked to remove them from OSCARS. We do not tolerate bullying at the programme 

School Term: 
During the school term, children can ride their scooters and skates from 3.30pm.  Bikes  are only to be ridden to school if your child is Year 6-Year 8 and they must have a helmet and bike lock. 

Holiday Programme: Children are allowed to ride their wheels of choice on the court outside the hall.  For safety reasons, footwear must be worn. Helmets are compulsory when riding bikes and advised for all other forms of wheels.
Electronic Devices:

Glendowie OSCARS is a 'Device Free' programme.  This includes  the use of cellphones .  Che's phone can be reached (021 367 243)  if parents are needing to contact their children in regards to walking home / change of  pick up arrangements etc

Finishing at OSCAR:
If you no longer require permanent care for your child at Glendowie OSCARS, you must give two weeks notice, fees are payable for the two weeks. If you have paid for the term, your fees will be credited to your account in the form of a credit note.


Our staff are trained to deal with emergencies. In the case of a serious accident involving your child, the staff will contact you and take your child to the nearest medical facility.  If a child becomes ill during the programme, parents will be contacted and asked to collect the child.

Child Protection:

We are committed to the prevention of child abuse. The safety and welfare of the children are to be always the prime consideration.  Staff will respond to suspicions of child abuse by maintaining a good relationship with the child, and recording all observations, impressions, and communications.  We require that no one staff member will act alone and that any action taken will be in consultation with the manager.  Any advice sought will be from the appropriate authority i.e. Police, Child, Youth and Family Services etc.  Any advice or instruction given by the appropriate authority will be followed and acted upon.