Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2017-10-30 19:28:39

  1. My child to go on short group walks with staff while attending the Programme
  2. Paid Staff Members to apply basic first aid, sunscreen and insect repellent products to my child and change his/her wet or soiled clothing when necessary.
  3. Paid Staff Members to obtain medical treatment for my child/ren in an emergency and I accept responsibility for the expenses incurred.
  4. My child/ren to be photographed/videoed as part of the Programme sessions
  5. Photos of my child/ren to be use for Fun Zone publicity (eg Fun Zone website, Newspaper etc)
  1. Staff are reponsible for my child/ren only during Programme times and that I am responsible for seeing my child/ren into and from the Programme safely.
  2. I will be required to give written consent for any excursion in which my child is require to travel by a motor vehicle
  3. Fun Zone received Government Funding for my child for each enrolled day and that my child/ren are not enrolled for the same sessions at any other Before, After School & Holiday Programmes which receives Government Funding.
  4. I agree with all of Fun Zone Policies & Procedures
  5. The information that I have supplied is necessary for the safe and effective operation of Fun Zone Programmes. All personal information requested will be destroyed at the completion of my child/ren time in the programme or Fun Zone will hold onto my child'd information for up to 7 years. I am welcome to review information pertaining to my children enrollment at anytime.
  6. To comply with the Privacy Act, I give permission for my child/ren and my information to be made available to the following: Fun Zone Management, Health Authorities (NZ), Child Protection Agencies and the School your child attends.
  7. I am liable for all recovery costs if I am sent to a Debt Collection Agency to recover any fees from Fun Zone Group LtdĀ