Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2018-06-08 14:56:33

Terms & Conditions for Excite Music and Arts Academy




1.1 Lessons: Enrolling in Excite Music & Arts Academy Lessons secures a particular slot of the teacher’s time for the whole term, irrespective of attendance.  Payment is on a per term basis and is expected by the date due on the invoice.

1.2 Term Length:  Typically there will be between eight and eleven lessons per term, depending on school term dates and public holidays.

1.3 Fee payment: All fees are due in full before classes start for the term.  If, for any circumstances, this is not possible the customer will need to make specific arrangements with Excite Academy.  All fees outstanding after week three of the term will incur a $10 admin fee. 
1.4 Late payment: Late payment constitutes default under this agreement, and your space will not be saved in the class. 
1.5 Family discount: A 10% discount applies to families with three or more children enrolled with us. 
1.6 Discontinued lessons:  Teachers also reserve the right to discontinue any student for reasons including but not limited to, inappropriate behaviour, lack of parental support, non-payment of fees and sporadic attendance.

1.7 Tuition fees are reviewed annually and at least one term's notice will be given of any change in price.


2.1 Make up sessions: Where there are classes available, we offer one catch up session per term for a class missed in that term.  Please arrange this with the office.  If you miss more than one session during the term due to sickness or holidays, you will still need to pay for the sessions as the space has been held for you.  If, for any circumstances, attendance will be irregular for valid reasons, the customer will need to make specific arrangements with Excite Academy.

2.2 Teacher absence: If the Teacher is unavailable to give any scheduled lesson (e.g. due to sickness) the fee for that session will be carried forward and credited to the following term.

2.3 Note: Cancellations and refunds of fully paid fees will incur a $30 admin fee.


3.1 Medical information: In the interests of the Student's well-being whilst in the Teacher's care, the Teacher must be informed of any medical or other condition affecting the Student.
3.2 Attention Information:  In the interests of the Teacher and the well-being of all students, the Teacher must be informed of any specific behavioural and learning issues and constructive dealing with them.
3.3 Student care: The Teacher is not responsible for Students outside of the agreed lesson time. Children under the age of four must have a parent/caregiver accompanying them at all times.  Children aged four or five must have a parent/caregiver in the building.


4.1 Advertising: Excite Music and Arts Academy will occasionally photograph/video classes and may use video footage or pictures for promotional or training purposes. You agree to your child’s image/s being used, unless written notification to the contrary is provided at enrolment.  If any images are going to be used more widely you will be contacted and an agreement arranged.

4.2 Personal details:  Excite Music & Arts Academy will not share your details with any third party without your written consent except in the case of 1.6 above.

4.3 Copyright: The Student/Parent/Guardian undertakes not to make copies of the curriculum music or any other Kids Music Company CDs and will protect the recordings from being copied by others.
5.1 If your child brings along any electronic devices, e.g. phones, Ipad, it is the child’s responsibility to look after them. The Teachers and Excite Academy holds no responsibilities for the safety of the device. E.g. they are not responsible for it if it gets stolen.  Children are to ask for permission by Teachers first before using the electronic device. They can ONLY use the device if they are allowed by the Staff, and supervised by our staff. i.e. they are not allowed to use them when the group activities are on.

5.2 Children enrolled in our programme will respect the Teachers, each other and all equipment. This way everyone involved will have an enjoyable experience.