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Trail ride at Lake Mangamahoe: Medium

Burgess Park, New Plymouth

Fri, 21 Dec 2018 only

11:30am - 1:30pm

Age 8 to 21

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Lake Mangamahoe | 733 Junction Road, Burgess Park, New Plymouth

From $56.25 to $75.00 per session

Run by Egmont Village Riding School

Let's get out and about - come for a fun trail ride at Lake Mangamahoe. We'll explore a mix of hilly and flat trails, weaving in and out of the forest. Suit riders who can trot and canter alone but who haven't ridden on hilly country very much. Brilliant for developing confidence and balance!

Please note, this session is particularly vulnerable to the weather as the tracks get slippery if it has been raining. We will notify you by 8am if we cannot safely go ahead.

  • Your own helmet (limited number available for loan) and boots
  • Snack and cool drink
  • Raincoat, towel and change of clothes unless the weather is perfect
  • Sunscreen

  • This is open to all riders - if you are an adult you will need to set your age to 21 when booking.
  • Cost includes transport of your horse; if you are transporting your own horse select the discount below when booking.
  • All payment methods are valid (cash, cheque, internet banking, and credit card), and invoices aren't due until the session date.

Lake Mangamahoe | 733 Junction Road, Burgess Park, New Plymouth

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