Enrolmy for Sports Coordinators

The quickest and simplest way to organise team sports at your school.

Sports Admin? No Sweat!
"Getting player registrations, receiving payments and sorting teams is now a breeze."
- Andrew Smart
Sports Co-ordinator,
Sherwood Primary School

Sports Coordinators need some love!

Trying to get teams sorted and registrations in on time is difficult enough. But with ever-inceasing workloads and ever-demanding parents a sports coordinator's job is not getting any easier! It can be a lonely and thankless job at times.

Enrolmy has a solution.

Enrolmy has created software especially for school sports coordinators. It is an easy to use cloud-based booking platform that makes creating teams, organising volunteers and collecting payment effortless.

Sports coordinators, as well as school office managers, can track communications, contact volunteers, and instantly see who's booked and who needs to be prompted for payment. But then, even chasing payments could be a thing of the past with our credit card only payment option.

Half the battle is simply getting the registrations in on time.

School newsletters never seem to get read and paper notices get lost, or worse, they make their way out of the bottom of a bag a couple of days too late. That's why Enrolmy provides each school with their own mini-site and booking portal. Now your school has one beautiful web page - that looks great on mobile - for all your sports, camps, and school trip registrations. Parents will love how easy it is to book, and Principals will be happy to know that Enrolmy can take annual school donations too!

We're here to help!

If you would like to know more book in a FREE demonstration of Enrolmy now, have a chat with us, or read or FAQ below.

Andrew's Story

Andrew Smart, the sports coordinator at Sherwood Primary School, has been successfully managing Miniball, Basketball, and Touch Rugby activities with Enrolmy.

Enrolmy has helped our school sports organisation by improving our time efficiency.

Getting player registration information, receiving payments and sorting teams is now a breeze. Instead of using multiple spreadsheets, I am now able to access everything I need from one area.

Instead of sending out what seems like hundreds of emails, parents can now access everything they need to know through our activities page.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q Can you explain how Enrolmy for Sports Coordinators works?

Sure, the basic flow of Enrolmy for Sports Co-ordinators is really easy to get your head around:

  1. You set up your sport activity using Enrolmy, and shout out a link to your parents either via email or a link on your school website.
  2. Parents click on the link, register with Enrolmy, and choose the sport they want to book their child into.
  3. Via the booking form, you can ask parents whether they can volunteer to help out or not.
    You can also ask questions such as what room or year level the child is in, what their skill level is, whether they have equipment, or anything else at this point.
  4. (Optionally) The parent is invoiced immediately and they can choose to pay via credit card or internet banking.
  5. As registrations roll in, you can use our easy-to-use team sorter to create your teams, and assign volunteers.
  6. Finally, with a couple of clicks you can send out team lists, via email orand CSV download, to parents and volunteers.
Q What is required to take credit card payments?

All you need is your school's bank account number, GST number, and proof of your identity such as a scanned copy of your driver’s license or passport. Thanks to Stripe, our trusted credit card provider, it takes less than five minutes to complete the credit card approval process - so you can be up taking credit card payments straight away!

Q Will I still have to chase payment from parents?

No, not neccesarily! With our "pay by credit card only" option you can require that parents pay via credit card at the same time that they make their booking. Doing things this way means that you will never have to chase parents for payments ever again!

You don’t have to do things this way of course, and you can give parents the option of paying via credit card or internet banking. We know from research that most parents will choose to pay by credit card anyway, and because an invoice is sent to the parent immediately many will pay via internet banking in quick time too.

For those who don’t pay in a timely manner it is really easy to see within the Enrolmy team sorter who has and hasn’t paid. This gives you the choice to delay putting them into a team until payment has been made. You can send payment reminders directly from Enrolmy, and because communication is direct between you and the parent there is no double-handling and payment confusion at the school office.

Q Can I use Enrolmy to organise volunteers such as the team coach or van drivers?

Yes, no problem. You can choose to ask each parent whether they are willing to volunteer in any way when they make their booking. If they can, then we make sure we have their contact details for you, and using our team sorter you can easily assign them to a team and email them team lists.

Q Can I collect payment at the same time a parent registers their child into a sport?

Absolutely. Enrolmy can instantly create an invoice at the same time the parent registers their child into a sport. The parent can then choose to pay the invoice immediately via credit card or pay via internet banking.

Also, if you never want to chase parents for payment ever again then you can choose to use our "pay by credit card only" option that requires parents to pay by credit card at the same time they make their booking.

If you are unable to place a child in a team then you can arrange a refund.

Q Can I send invoices to parents after I have sorted out the teams?

Definitely. It’s not always possible to know how many children are going to register for a particular sport. This can give you some tricky decisions to make such as whether to even run that particular sport at your school at all.

Enrolmy makes it possible for parents to register their child’s interest in a sport first so that you can get a clear idea of numbers before you make any commitments. Parents can also tell you whether they are willing to volunteer and help out or not, so you know exactly who can coach or drive the team to their game each week.

The Enrolmy team sorter then makes it easy for you to sort registered players into teams. Once you’ve got your teams sorted, within a couple of clicks you can generate invoices and have them emailed to all your parents. Parents are then able to pay via credit card, thanks to a link on the invoice, or internet banking.

If some students miss out on a place in a team because you are unable to make up the numbers then you can use Enrolmy's default email templates to gently communicate the bad news. At the time of booking, Enrolmy clearly informs all parents that places in each activity are not guaranteed until the sports co-ordinator has made up the teams and payment has been received.