Enrolmy for Schools

The all-in-one solution for organising school sports, camps, and annual donations at your school.

...and it's absolutely FREE!
"Enrolmy connects the key stakeholders at my school seamlessly."
- Peter Marshall
Greenhithe School

A moment of your time?

We know you're busy (heck, you've got an entire school to run!) so we promise not to take much of your time. Thats because this is what Enrolmy is good at... not taking away your valuable time.

In fact, we think we might be able to save your school's sports coordinator, and office manager, quite a lot of time.

School admin software, but with a twist.

Enrolmy is a cloud-based booking and admin platform that's been hand crafted in Takapuna, New Zealand. We're not here to replace your existing school admin or accounting software. Instead, Enrolmy exists to provide each school with a beautiful and mobile-friendly booking and payment hub that makes signing up for sports teams, completing registration forms, and making school payments an effortless experience for your parents.

We've made it our mission to design and build software that parents love. Our theory is that if parents love Enrolmy then teachers, office managers, and school principals are going to love Enrolmy too. That's because Enrolmy can take a burden away from administrators by making registrations, bookings and payments so easy for parents that they'll do it all themselves.

Well, most parents anyway.

There are always those few that are more challenging to deal with. You probably know who they are, and your sports coordinators and office managers surely do. Our easy to use and quick to learn admin platform makes managing activities, chasing up payments, and bulk communications a breeze.

Did we mention Enrolmy can also be used to collect annual school fee donations? (We thought you might like that). Best of all, it is absolutely FREE for schools to use!

We'd love to tell you more about us.

If you would like to know more book in a FREE demonstration of Enrolmy now, have a chat with us, or read or FAQ below.

Peter's Story

Peter Marshall is the busy principal of Greenhithe School in Auckland. He is proud of the work his teaching team does every day and he is always looking for new ways to support them. Peter saw immediately how Enrolmy could serve his team and he has been an ethusiastic advocate for Enrolmy ever since.

Our sports co-ordinator is very busy which is why Enrolmy is so great. Enrolmy connects the key stakeholders at my school, the co-ordinator, the front officer, and parents, seamlessly.

Enrolmy does everything from taking the booking, through to collecting the payment, creating teams and handling communication.

Enrolmy is rich in features

  • Streamlined parent bookings.
  • Team build for sports.
  • Automatic invoicing.
  • Credit card payments.
  • Sync with Xero.
  • Mini-site for your school.
  • Bulk communication options.
  • Easy to use and learn.
  • Help docs and customer support.
  • Cloud based - use anywhere, anytime.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q Is Enrolmy a replacement for our existing school accounting system?

While Enrolmy is very able accounting software in it's own right, we know that there are specialist products out there that you are probably already very familiar with. Enrolmy doesn't wish to replace your existing accounting system or burden you with needing to run two sets of accounts.

If you use Xero to manage your finances you'll find that Enrolmy works beautifully with Xero. The initial setup takes less than five minutes, and once you're underway automatically syncing invoices and credit notes with Xero is completed in a matter of clicks.

If you're using another accounting or school management system then Enrolmy will not get in your way. You could think of Enrolmy as another payment gateway for your school - like your EFTPOS machine - that parents will love to use. Our research shows that most parents would prefer to book and pay online (but only if it is a quick and straight-forward process). We've also learnt that more often that not parents like the convenience of paying by credit card. That's why we've put a lot of design hours into creating a fantastic booking experience for parents.

Q Is Enrolmy going to take hours of training for me to learn?

Goodness, no - nobody want's that! It may seem daunting at first, but once you've got the basics of Enrolmy under you're belt, we are sure you will find it intuative and a pleasure to use day-to-day. We've deliberately aimed to build a product that puts simplicity ahead of complexity, yet Enrolmy is surprisingly powerful and flexible.

When your school begins to use Enrolmy we'll take you through a personalised one hour tour. We'll guide you through the set up process for your school and answer any questions you might have. Once you're up and running you can refer to our online help documentation or contact our customer service team.

Q What is required to take credit card payments?

All you need is your school's bank account number, GST number, and proof of your identity such as a scanned copy of your driver’s license or passport. Thanks to Stripe, our trusted credit card provider, it takes less than five minutes to complete the credit card approval process - so you can be up and taking credit card payments straight away!

Q What are the credit card fees?

There is a percentage based charge of 3.63% of total payments made by credit card, plus a 30 cent charge for every credit card transaction (excluding GST). There is however an option to pass a part of this charge on to parents.

Option One: You will pay the full cost of the transaction fee - 3.63% + 30 cents (excl. GST) of the amount paid.
Option Two: You can pass part of the cost of the transaction on to parents. So parents will pay an additional 1.85% of the amount they owe and therefore the final cost to you will be 1.85% + 30 cents (excl. GST).

Q Will I still have to chase payment from parents?

No, not neccesarily! With our "pay by credit card only" option you can require that parents pay via credit card at the same time that they make their booking. Doing things this way means that you will never have to chase parents for payments ever again!

You don’t have to do things this way of course, and you can give parents the option of paying via credit card or internet banking. We know from research that most parents will choose to pay by credit card anyway, and because an invoice is sent to the parent immediately many will pay via internet banking in quick time too.

For those who don’t pay in a timely manner it is really easy to see within Enrolmy who has and hasn’t paid. For the tardy ones you can send payment reminders directly from the app.

Q If Enrolmy is FREE for Schools how does Enrolmy make any money?

There is no monthly subscription cost for schools that use Enrolmy to manage their sports activities, camps, and annual school donation payments. We are able to do this because we're partnering with activity providers that are already at your school or in your local community, such as holiday programme providers, who use our paid Enrolmy Pro service.

We do however collect a small fee from you for all credit card transactions and in the future, we may also partner with sponsor organisations. This may mean that some advertising will appear within Enrolmy - albeit in an unobtrusive and inoffensive way.