How To Increase Your Bookings:

What The Research Says

If you run kids' activities and would like to grow, this e-book is a resource you can't pass up.

We've summarised the results of different surveys and benchmarking reports involving hundreds of activity providers and parents; all to provide a succint understanding of what it takes to gain more bookings.
  • Reasons why you need to offer online bookings
  • How to improve the trustworthiness of your website
  • Why online payment options are now a must
  • The most important information parents want for each activity
  • A tip for helping kids feel more comfortable on their first day
How This Research Will Help You
We are in a digital age where technology is increasingly streamlining our lives and consumers are expecting businesses to keep up with digital advances. Helping parents to overcome the hurdles associated with booking a new activity is essential if you're to maintain and grow during this change.
About Us
Enrolmy provide cloud-based software that help make running and organising your activities a breeze. By using Enrolmy you can provide a simple online booking portal for your customers and take online payments to get paid faster.
Let the bookings roll in and the invoices generate themselves! Then manage attendance, cancellations, waiting lists and discounts with ease.