Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2019-04-01 20:16:20

We like to keep things simple.

We will offer a credit/refund when:
  • Our tutor is sick
  • The venue is unavailable
When lessons are missed at a school venue, we will offer a catchup (during the same week as the missed lesson or during the school holidays) when:
  • Students are on a school trip/event
  • Students are unavailable at the request of a teacher
Unless the circumstances are exceptional, we are unable to offer a catchup/credit/refund when:
  • Your child is sick
  • Your child is away from school/afternoon lessons for external reasons
Group lessons have fixed costs which are unaffected by the absence of a single student. We still need to pay our teachers and hall hireage fees etc.
Our teacher will make a note to spend more time with your child the following week.

Exceptional circumstances include:
  • Significant injury
  • Prolonged sickness
  • Tangi/Funeral arrangements
  • Extended holiday plans (please get in touch before booking if this is you)