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Piano Lessons at Mangaroa School

Mangaroa, Upper Hutt

Thu, 11 Feb 2021 to Thu, 16 Dec 2021

All ages

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Mangaroa School | 93 Flux Road, Mangaroa, Upper Hutt

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Run by Dynamite Music

You're just a few clicks away from your child's next musical adventure!

Great choice - our group piano lessons are the perfect start for a beginner. Your child will love the Animal or Pirate themed coursebook they'll receive in their first lesson.

Our weekly lesson price ($15) is all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs.

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How does a group piano lesson work?!
No matter how much time a beginner spends with a teacher, they can only learn so much in a week - They need time to practice new musical ideas. Group lessons take the pressure off young students and make the process more enjoyable.

We’ve spent 5 years creating a teaching method that slowly builds on existing knowledge. As a first priority, we teach students to read music so they can practice independently – and this is where the magic happens! As long as the pieces are fun, students become active and engaged learners. This allows a teacher to move around the room and help students work at their own pace.

Our aim is to make things as easy as possible for parents. We offer keyboard 'rent to own' scheme for $6.50/week and a 25% discount for Community Services Card holders.


Praise for our method

"The group lessons are fantastic value for money and you provide great communication each week. Thanks for fostering Emily's love and enthusiasm for music."
- Sarah, Wellington

"Freddie has thoroughly enjoyed the lessons this term... The fact he is reading music and playing with two hands is quite extraordinary considering he has only played for two months!"
- Abby, Wellington

"Lillian has never been so into and animated about keyboard! Thank you so much!!"
- Arwen, Wellington

"The whole family enjoys listening to Enerel practice. I definitely recommend your lessons."
- Uyanga, Wellington

“Thank you for choosing such lovely pieces for Alice to play - what a great way for her to start! I’m so glad she’s had this opportunity”
- Anna, Wellington

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Mangaroa School | 93 Flux Road, Mangaroa, Upper Hutt

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