About DAPA Australia

DAPA strives to provide the highest calibre of artistic and creative education and exposure through music and performance, paving the way for this generation to realise their fullest potential as artistes, leaders and global citizens.

Here at the David Academy of Performing Arts the most important thing we provide students is on-going support. We are here for all our students during their study and once they step out on stage in the world of performance or into their chosen career. We believe in each of our students and as you invest your time in us, we invest our time in you. We work with our students and their parents to help them achieve their goals and dreams and realise their full potential – we are here for you and you can count on us!

Over the years we have produced many fabulous singers, actors and performers who now have exciting and successful careers in the entertainment industry and allied fields. Many have also gone on to excel and inspire in other fields ranging from business and finance to research and medicine, education and the community. At the heart of everything we do at DAPA is the overarching goal to develop extraordinary people that make the world a better place in their own unique way.

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Lee-Ann Jurianz

"Andre has not only helped me to grow as a performer but also helped me achieve things I didn’t know I was capable of.

Viren Beruwelage

"Anyone who is directed or taught by Andre is truly blessed as he is a true maestro in his field."

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