About Us

At Creative Matters, we believe the seed of creativity lives in all of us.

Our after school and holiday art workshops are designed to nurture that creative seed;
developing critical and creative thinking skills and a sense of individuality and self expression in the work that is created. No cookie cutter art in our workshops!

Our vision is to cultivate fun new ways to nurture our student’s sprouting imagination.

Our expanding education team of teachers, artists and designers are passionate about the power of creativity to make life more fun, interesting and fulfilling. They value the importance of art education and opportunities for children, teens and adults to be creative.

We create a safe, happy, nurturing environment in which children thrive. A wonderful place to build positive relationships.

With a ‘life is about enjoying the journey’ mentality, the Creative Matters team bring you educational and achievable ways to bring more creativity into your life.

Experienced tutors

Creative Matters tutors are all practising, qualified artists with experience in teaching

We value creativity

We encourage creativity through the development of the creative process (thinking, exploring, experimenting, creating)

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