Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2017-06-27 14:54:22


1.    Sport Fairplay Agreement
2.    Sport Coach
3.    Sport Manger
4.    Musical Instrument Tuition 


By accepting this you agree to the following

I give my child permission to play in a Cornwall Park sports team for the 2017 season.  
I understand the commitment that he/she has made and agree to the payment of fees relating to this team/sport.

Cornwall Park School – Team Members Fairplay Agreement

My Child(ren), as a member of a Cornwall Park School Sports team,  agree to participate with a good positive attitude and help others enjoy sports by doing their best to:

  • Always play by the rules
  • Accept the decision of those in charge, umpires, coaches, managers in all aspects of team organisation.
  • Giving 100% at both games and practices through attendance and effort
  • Display good sportsmanship recognising ability in all those who are participating
  • Remember to thank my coach, our opposition, officials and our supporters
  • Encourage others and help those having trouble rather than putting them down

Cornwall Park School – Parents/Guardian Fairplay Agreement

As parents/guardian of young people playing sport and representing Cornwall Park School, we understand that good sportsmanship and having a good competitive spirit go hand in hand.  As a parent I agree that it is important to set an example for my child and to encourage good sportsmanship in the following ways:

  • Encouraging my child to attend all practices and games with a positive attitude towards the team and the opposition.
  • Encouraging a healthy competitiveness in my child.
  • Backing positively all decisions of the managers and umpires/referees.
  • Recognising and supporting the rights of team coaches to make decisions concerning team selections, training programmes and captaincy.
  • Recognising and acknowledging good play by members of both teams.
  • Insisting that my child plays by the rules of the game and the principles of the Fairplay philosophy.
  • Encourage and support all on the court including the opposition and umpire.

If during a game you have a concern with the umpires or spectators behaviour, please talk to your Coach or Manager. They will attempt to rectify the issue or refer it to the officials.

2.   If you register to be a Coach 

  • Organise the time and place for the team to practice in liaison with your manager.
  • Remember points to work on from previous games when playing.
  • Use positive statements to your team (specific constructive feedback), remember they are learning.
  • Follow the Fair Play code; at all times
  • Be positive and have fun.

3.   If you register to be a Manager.

  • Compile and distribute to team members, coach, and umpire, a team members phone list, including coach, manager and umpire phone numbers.
  • Organise the team to attend practices (with correct shoes and water bottle)
  • Ensure all CPDS Fairplay Agreements have been signed and returned to the office.
  • Attend practices if possible to assist coach.
  • Advise team members the time and court # of your game and who you are playing.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before game is to start
  • Ensure the score card is collected and arrange scorer
  • Ensure the team members have:
    • Correct Uniform,
    • Clean short nails
    • Sweatshirt
    • Water Bottle
    • No Jewellery
    • No Chewing gum
  • Return score card to office after game.
  • Match balls for:  Wednesday

4.    Musical Instrument Tuition Terms and Conditions

 By accepting this you agree to the following:
  • I give my child permission to have Instrumental Music lessons.
  •  I understand the commitment that he/she has made and agree to the payment of fees prior to the commencement of      lessons in each term.
  • I will provide my child with his/her own music book and instrument. (For Drum students this is a clear file folder and  drumsticks)
  • My child will be responsible for bringing his/her music book and instrument to school on the day of their lesson. Drum students will only need to bring their drumsticks. Keyboards students do not need to bring their instrument.  
  • It is my child’s responsibility to ensure they arrive promptly at the start of their lesson time.
  •  Lessons will only be made up when a lesson has been missed due to a clash with a School commitment or the tutor’s  absence. The last two weeks of each term are set aside for when these catch up lessons are required.
  • When necessary, there may be changes to my child’s lesson day, time and tutor. Notices will be sent out to my child’s class notifying them of any changes.
  • As part of learning any instrument, students need to learn how to position their hands correctly, how to hold an instrument and the correct posture.  During the course of a lesson it is sometimes necessary for the tutor to assist my child by repositioning their hands, adjusting their arms or head, or correcting their posture.