Terms And Conditions

Last updated on 2019-09-30 10:53:25

Terms of Trade
We the Board of Trustees for Clive School  ‘Afcare’ (After School Care) would like to inform you our terms and conditions of credit. AFCARE is an Entity of The Board of Trustees it is not a part of school in terms of donations and costs.
1.    Invoicing will be for Term Time Care calculated on a weekly basis and an invoice posted or emailed out ( please indicate on enrollment).
2.    A statement will be posted / emailed out at the beginning of each month and will require payment in full by the 20th of the Month following the invoice.
3.    All unpaid accounts will incur an additional administration fee $5 per monthly installment
4.    If the account is unpaid after two months The Clive School Board of Trustees may instruct a debt collection agency to recover the overdue amount. The cost of recovery will be added to the account.
5.    Charges will be advertised to the Holiday programme including any additional charges for excursions depending on the nature of that excursion.
6.    Invoicing for the Holiday Programme will be calculated at the end of each week of the programme and will require payment by the 20th of the month following the invoice.
7.    If your child has been booked into the holiday programme we require urgent notification if they are unable to attend by phoning 0272 155 702 by 8pm the evening before. If no notification is received you will be invoiced.
8.    If you are going to be late picking up your child ( ie after 5.30pm)  please txt phone 0272 155 702….. note a late pick up fee will apply.
9.    All charges are at the discretion of the Clive School Board of Trustees.
10. The Clive School Board of Trustees reserves the right to refuse after school care or holiday programme attendance if your account remains unpaid and no arrangements are made to clear the outstanding amount.
11. Application forms for OSCAR subsidy are available at the school office.
12. The Board of Trustees accepts payment by cash, cheque, automatic payment, online banking  or via EfPOS at the School Office.
Inform the school office of your email address if you wish accounts emailed.
Please keep all contact details up to date