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City Nippers will help build your child’s confidence at the beach. We currently have 2 course types:

1. Tadpoles: 5-7 year olds
2. Nippers: 8-11 year olds

City Nippers is a dynamic and interactive programme for children delivered by Surf Lifeguards which provides surf safety and beach awareness for 5 to 11 year olds. This programme will introduce your child to the open water environment and build their confidence in the sea so they can safely enjoy New Zealand's favourite playground.

This summer City Nippers is offering 3-5 day courses over the Christmas Holidays at 3 Auckland Beaches: St Heliers, Narrow Neck, and Oneroa on Waiheke.

Each course consists of 3 or 5 vibrant fun-filled, 2-hour beach sessions. Surf Lifeguards will teach your children water safety rules and skills. Specific activities include:

• education on surf safety, sun smart, rips and waves
• beach sprints and fun relays
• wading, duck diving, body surfing and surf swimming
• how to use a body board correctly
• tube rescues

Parents can choose to assist with the water activities or just stay and watch their children. Lifeguards are not responsible for any child after the session ends and the child is signed out.

All City Nippers 5 session courses entail the same content with adaptions made for the different age-groups. If your child has previously participated in City Nippers we welcome you to attend again as we think that reinforcing the important lifesaving messages and skills that we teach your children is a great thing. However, for greater progression, we recommend that you contact 1 of our 17 Surf Life Saving Clubs in the Northern Region and ask for information about Junior Surf by clicking on the link: http://www.lifesaving.org.nz/clubs/find-a-club/

Beach fun

Learn to enjoy New Zealand's favourite playground - play safe at the beach and in the surf.


Age-appropriate learning in a fun atmosphere

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